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Edelrid Flycatcher Kit 6.9


The only catch to the Flycatcher is that you have to buy two. Edelrid chose this packaging option to reinforce the idea that it’s a twin rope, designed to be used simultaneously while climbing. We won’t report you, however, for breaking the kit in two and using the amazing 6.9mm rope as you see fit. The skinniest and lightest twin rope in the world is a great option for approaches that involve climbing combined with exits that involve long rappels. Use the same ropes for both. The Flycatcher kit also comes with a Micro Jul belay device, since it’s the only such device approved for use with such skinny rope.

  • Constructed with a Thermo Shield process that stabilizes the core and sheath for excellent handling.
  • Pro Shield finish coats each strand with Teflon for reinforcement and grit resistance.
  • Treated with an additional Dry Shield coating that adds durable water resistance.
  • Rated for up to 17 falls while weighing just 35 grams per meter.
Grams per Meter 35g/m
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Length 2x 60m
Sidecut   6.9mm
Strength 9.8 kN
Rope Style Twin
UIAA Fall Rating Twin: up to 17
Skimo Co Says
Usage Emphasizing the "mo" in Skimo
Notes Comes with Edelrid MicroJul Belay device
Bottom Line One of the lightest ways to get yourself into a lot of trouble, but also one of the lightest ways to get back out
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Model: Flycatcher

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