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G3 Alpinist+ Glide Skins

Brand: G3
Model: Alpinist+ Glide Skins
Availability: No Longer Carry

G3 skins have been a perennial favorite in the Pacific Northwest for many seasons. It’s easy to understand why; dependable glue, reliable tip and tail attachments, and grippy, long-lasting plush. In an effort to improve upon the success of their formulations, G3 has introduced the Alpinist+ line of skins which has advancements not found on their original skins.

The Alpinist+ Glide skin is a 70/30 Mohair + Nylon mix skin. The plush has been reworked from G3’s original formulation for improved glide characteristics without compromising grip or lifespan. In addition to the plush, G3 has added their Scala tip technology which improves glide while breaking trail and prevents snow from creeping up under glue in the tip. With so much effort toward improving their skins, you almost have to give them a try!

  • Scala tip improves glide for trail breaking efforts.
  • Mohair/nylon mix is slippy when you want it and grippy when you don’t.
  • Awesome tip and tail attachments, especially for rounded profiles.
Question from Patrick N
I have a pair of Salomon QST 106 (188cm) that I'm looking to get some skins for...142-106-127. Would the 130mm be sufficient for a ski of these dimensions, or would I be better served by finding a set in 140 mm width?
Answer from Jeff
Patrick. The 130 mm will be plenty. Going from the tail width minus 4mm for edges is 123, so you will have full coverage almost to the widest point of tip. Which does not need coverage, as this skin shows places skin coverage is unnecessary.
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