Height:5' 10"
Weight:150 lbs
Shoe Size:US 8.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
My Skiing

Moved to Utah in 1979 and ski bummed at Snowbird for TOO long. But I quickly realized that untracked powder didn't exist long at the resorts and got my first Tele setup in 83. Been skiing backcountry since. Slow to the AT gear, but Skimo changed that. Style is slowly evolving from the Hippy powder turns to willing to open it up on occasion. Finally getting into touring in the Spring too.

My Gear

First AT setup is Spectres and Wailer 112 Pures with Radical ST 2.0. Heavy, but work very well at Alta on Powder days.
Now on Alien RS (size 26) Movement Alp Track 100 with Ski Trab Titan Vario.2.

Recent Posts

Bob, We don't have any info on Alpine bindings.
Richard, You have the Dynafit Radical FT binding. The part listed as Radical Roof x 1 is the one you need to fix the riser.
Chloe, We do not have any used toe pieces now. You can purchase a complete new toe here Dynafit toe pieces. The Speed 12 is the same as the SpeedFit.
Tjaard, We have yet to get the new Boost Jr in, so I had to do some research. The Boost Jr has 220mm of tip rocker on the 135cm, he SL 80 has 240mm on the 139cm. So pretty similar. The Boost has more sidecut and a very short turning radius. I can't say how much difference any of that will affect kids having fun. For skins ease of use is important. The only kid's specific skin we have is the Contour, which says it has less sticky glue (I don't know if it is the Hybrid system). Also, they do not have a ta...
Tjaard, That is with skins too! But, those are advertised weights, we will weight and adjust when we get them in stock this Fall. This is a new ski, subtracting the weight of the current SL 80, and Rotation 7, looks like it may be a bit heavier than the SL 80. The proof will be in our measurements.


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