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Grivel Quantum Tech Ice Tool


Sometimes mountaineering axes just won’t cut it. If you need a proper ice tool for a route, check out the Quantum Tech from Grivel. They are an ultralight combination of aerospace grade composite shafts and hot-forged chromoly steel heads. No compromises were made on the Quantum Tech; extra care was taken in the orientation and reinforcement of the carbon fibers that make up the shaft. Hot-forging the heads improves the internal microstructure to achive maximum strength from the alloy. The axes are finished with an efficient hand-support and Tungsten Carbide spike. Available with and adze or hammer, the Quantum Tech is the ultimate tool for technical routes.

  • Top quality carbon composite shafts reinforced with light alloy matrix.
  • Chromoly heads are hot-forged to minimized internal defects and porosity.
  • Tungsten Carbide spikes are harder than ice, rock, and probably you.
  • Comfortable hand grips are supported by shaped spike mount.
  • Available with and adze (shovel) or hammer heads.
Lengths (cm) 50
convert to ounces
532g [Hammer]
573g [Adze]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon composite, chromoly steel, tungsten carbide
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ice climbing, alpine routes
Notes Hot-forged head is top quality
Bottom Line Ice tool without compromise

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Model: Quantum Tech

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