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Based out of Slovakia, Jozef Gaborik founded Grizzly after 19 years of testing prototypes. The result is a brand that offers high-quality ultralight skimo race bindings. Especially impressive are the binding designs that feature built-in brakes but don’t compromise on weight savings.

Grizzly GR 98 Binding
When Grizzly bindings was founded in 2017, their creator, Jozef Gaborik, was on a mission to create some of the lightest bindings in the world that were functional and reliable. Fast forward a few years and their GR 98 binding nails that criteria. Featuri..
Grizzly Olympic Binding
Ski Mountaineering often takes an individual to isolated peaks far from any established trailheads. To ensure the best chance of success, alpine starts (e.g., getting up waaaay too early) and lightweight gear can be the difference between getting there on..
$558.95 $498.95
Grizzly Binding Parts
Every ski binding is made of parts. Sometimes you need new parts. Sometimes you want additional parts. If your bindings are stamped Grizzly, this is the place to find such things. Crampon Adapters - Pair of add-on crampon receptors that work with the O..
From $48.95
Grizzly Brakes
Have brakes, will not travel. Keep your sticks where they should be, by your side, not at the bottom of the race course or couloir you had been planning on skiing. Grizzly brakes accommodate a variey of waist widths coming in 3 sizes covering you from rac..

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