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When Grizzly bindings was founded in 2017, their creator, Jozef Gaborik, was on a mission to create some of the lightest bindings in the world that were functional and reliable. Fast forward a few years and their GR 98 binding nails that criteria. Featuring a removable ski brake, the GR 98 complies with the updated ISMF racing rules that require brakes for competition, while still being crazy light. Jozef even sprinkled in some innovations such as the Grizzly Flex system which allows the pin width to be adjusted to ensure perfect boot compatibility. In addition, the adjustable Grizzly Step makes stepping into the binding much easier, which has the benefit of keeping transition times to a minimum while the clock is ticking. If you’ve been seeking a no-compromise ISMF race companion, then cuddle up with the new Grizzly 98 race binding.

  • Unique ski brake is removable so you can strip down to the bare essentials.
  • Grizzly Fix toe locking system is simple and reliable to keep from stressing your hypoxic brain.
  • Grizzly Flex pin adjustment changes toe width, helping to accommodate any touring boot.
  • The swivel heel allows for a defined lateral release and has a simple race flap for uphill.
  • Available in two release strengths that change both the vertical and lateral values.
  • Fulfills ISMF safety requirements for smooth sailing at check-in.
  • Recommended for race skis only (sub 800 grams).
  • Made with Alu 7075 and stainless steel.
  • Imported from Slovakia.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 204g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   Yes, removable. Meets ISMF standards
BSL Adjustment   Optional plates
Riser Heights   1
Vertical Release   8 or 10
Lateral Release   8 or 10
Crampon Ready   No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   ALU 7075, stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage World Cup racing
Notes Adjustable pin width helps with step in for quick transitions on race day
Bottom Line The ultimate race binding with brake
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Questions & Reviews

Question from clarkboulder
What are the differences between the 98 and the olympic? It's not clear. I see release value, removable brake, maybe a crampon difference, and maybe some adjustment bar for boot height (not width) difference. Confirm? Is the Grizzly toe and heel drill pattern shared with ATK? Thanks
Answer from clarkboulder
Oops I see they are same pattern as ATK from your awesome chart. no need to answer that after all.
Answer from jbo
Hi clark, good catch! The differences are:

- The Olympic has well-defined locked and unlocked modes, with the release testing well in downhill mode. The GR98 in contrast is analogous to an auto-lock binding with one mode. It still does release, but this is not its strongest attribute.
- The brake can be removed from the GR98 but not the Olympic as it's incorporated into the release function.
- The GR98 has adjustable under-boot screws to help with step-in.
- The Olympic can accept crampons whereas the GR98 cannot.
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Question from Juniper H
What heel gap do these use? Also, how do you get the boot to sit flat on the ski with the brakes under the boot? ( Bend the brakes?)
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Juniper,

The GR 98 requires a 4mm gap. For future reference, check out our article titled Mind The Heel Gap for a comprehensive list of binding gaps for all of the bindings that we carry. Also, the brakes do not affect the flat uphill mode as this binding does not have one! It can only be used with the race riser. For any further Grizzly binding questions, feel free to reach out to help@skimo.co.
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Question from Ryan F
I'm considering upgrading to these bindings on my race skis (Ski Trab Lirace). Currently they have Plum 99 bindings. Is there any chance that the toe and/or heel hole pattern would line up?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Ryan,

You are out of luck on the heels, as the hole patterns are quite different. The toes of the Plum Race 99 and the Grizzly GR 98 have the same width, and are only off on length by .5mm. While far from ideal, reusing holes would potentially work depending on the mounting plates. For more information on hole patterns, check out our article Hole Pattern Recognition.
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Model: GR 98

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