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Ski Mountaineering often takes an individual to isolated peaks far from any established trailheads. To ensure the best chance of success, alpine starts (e.g., getting up waaaay too early) and lightweight gear can be the difference between getting there on time versus fifteen minutes too late and finding the route impassible (which as the kids say, “is a real bummer”). To address the gear variable, Grizzly created the Olympic binding, which is aimed at ski mountaineers seeking the security of an integrated ski brake without any unnecessary weight. And it sure appears that Grizzly nailed it. The judges agree as the Olympic took home an ISPO gold award when launched in 2020. Its aluminum 7075/stainless steel construction lends itself to durability while the intuitive Grizzly Step system helps make getting into the binding less frustrating. Whether you’ve been searching for an ultralight ski mountaineering binding or ISMF compliant race weapon, the Olympic binding will support your aspirations.

  • Made with ALU 7075 and stainless steel for durability and high marks on looks.
  • Integrated ski brake helps you retrieve your skis during those “uh oh” moments.
  • Grizzly Flex system changes the pin width to accommodate most touring boots.
  • Swivel heel provides comparable vertical and lateral release values for consistency.
  • Grizzly Step system helps to make stepping in more intuitive and smooth like butter.
  • Toe piece uses the simple Grizzly Fix locking system which is easy to open and close.
  • Choose from three release values (6, 8, 10) when skiing in the unlocked position.
  • Optional ski crampon adaptor and adjustment plate allow for customization.
  • Fulfills ISMF ski brake requirements for racing to keep you legal.
  • Recommended for skis no heavier than 1500 grams.
  • Imported from Slovakia.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 244g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   Yes, not removable
BSL Adjustment   Optional plates
Riser Heights   1
Vertical Release   6, 8, or 10
Lateral Release   6, 8, or 10
Crampon Ready   Optional
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   ALU 7075, stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing in the 2026 Olympics!
Notes Adjustable toe pin width
Bottom Line Ultralight binding with brakes
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ted
Will you be getting any more of these in this season?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ted, we should have more later this week.
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Christena Ward (used product regularly)
I REALLY like these bindings. I did a lot of research before my purchase. It was time for new gear and I thought is important to have a ski brake, not just for the new ISMF requirements, but for hill safety. I like that these bindings have different release values available. I had a tib/fib fracture a few years ago due to binding release failure on my skimo gear, so it was important to me to have an appropriate release value. I also like the front-mounted brake. Other bindings had rear-mounted brakes and with my bad knees, I have a hard time reaching to the rear binding. I found there was a bit of a learning curve using the bindings. Clicking my toe into the front binding took some practice, but now I like it a lot better than my old pressure engaging binding. I've had no problems with the brake, but it takes a little bit of fiddling around with it to figure it out. Here's my process for clicking in: 1 - lock brake into up position. 2 - insert toe into front binding. 3 - release brake by pushing down the lever in the front (the boot holds the brake in the up position, but once boot is released the brake engages) Overall, it makes for a quick transition. Skimo.co was extremely helpful on their "Binding Finder" to guide me in my decision - Thanks Skimo.co!
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Question from Andrew R

I recently purchased this binding and the brake appears to be getting caught and not engaging the snow when I lift my boot off of the ski. Is there a way to adjust that?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Andrew, I'm sorry those brakes have been giving you trouble, and we'll need to do a little more digging to come up with a good answer for you! If you're able to reproduce that issue, send us a few photos and a video to "help@skimo.co", and we'll continue to troubleshoot!
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Question from GLEN OTIS
Hi everyone , could these bindings be used on the Movement Race Pro 161 cm , with Alien RS boots ?

It would be nice to have brakes
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Glen, while we haven't gotten these bindings in hand to test just yet, that setup should work for you!
Answer from Michal Š
Hi Glen, I had the Olympic with Scarpa F1 LT (basically RS shell with a different cuff) for one season already and the binding fits perfectly. It is design to fit a variety of ski boot shells thanks to a screw adjustment on the side. Another Grizzly athlete has been using this and GR98 bindings on Movement skis on ISMF world cup races the whole season as well.

Michal, Grizzly Athlete.
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