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While its bold styling and XXL profile may bring you back to the glory days of rail jams and XXL clothing, don't be fooled, the Launcher goggles from Julbo are versatile pieces of kit equally at home in the park as they are navigating through a far out objective. With its wide profile and frameless design, the Launcher offers an excellent field of vision, perfect for descending couloirs at breathtaking speeds. The SuperFlow Pro system uses magnets to allow the lens to be popped away from the frame for increased airflow and decreased fogging. Unlike the other guys, Julbo's photochromic lens has its properties baked into the lens, rather than being a simple coating. This means the goggle retains its photochromic properties, even if the lens gets scratched. Wanting to lessen their environmental footprint, Julbo utilizes Desmopan and other recycled and locally sourced materials to have the least possible impact on the planet. With its excellent lens options, emphasis on breathability, and frameless design, the Julbo Launcher is the only goggle you need to tackle sunny resort laps and backcountry powder days with clarity.

  • Large frameless design allows for a wide field of vision, allowing you to know what's happening in your periphery.
  • Photochromic lenses have their properties baked into the lens, meaning they will still work even if scratched.
  • SuperFlow Pro system uses magnets so you can pop the lens away from the frame, increasing airflow and sucking out fog.
  • Anti-fog coating further acts to fight off pesky fogging in wet environments or when you're pushing hard.
  • Double Adjustment Strap allows for quick and seamless adjustment, helping reduce the time spent "fiddling" around.
  • Frame has been purposefully designed to increase airflow to reduce fogging issues. Are you seeing the trend here?
  • Photochromic lens adjusts to ambient light to provide the perfect lens tint at any given time. No lens changing needed.
  • Eco-conscious and locally sourced materials help reduce the Launcher's environmental footprint.
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Model: Julbo Launcher Goggle

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