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It’s great when gear can be used across a broad array of conditions, which is why we're so excited about the Julbo Lightyear Goggles. The versatile High Contrast REACTIV lens technology responds automatically to ambient light, meaning the Lightyear goggle can be used both during overcast snow flurries and bright spring days without needing to change the lens. An antifog coating helps mitigate condensation on the inside of the lens while the magnetic SuperFlow Pro system allows the lens to “pop” out while staying connected to the frame, providing exceptional airflow on the skin track. The dual-density foam lining of the goggle is comfortable while the double adjustment options on the 45mm silicone strap let you snug things down for when the goin’ gets rough. Finally, the frameless lens design looks sharp and pairs well with many helmets, including those from Julbo. For versatility across a broad array of conditions, there is the Lightyear goggle from Julbo.

  • Magnetic SuperFlow Pro system allows the lens to “pop out” while remaining connected to the frame, the ultimate anti-fog solution for skinning.
  • REACTIV High Contrast lens enhances snow definition and automatically adjusts to ambient light, allowing you to ski with confidence.
  • Antifog coating fights the build-up of moisture on the inside of the lens, because who wants to deal with moisture?
  • Versatile in many lighting conditions means these can accompany you on all your adventures!
  • Frameless lens is stylish and provides an outstanding field of vision.
  • Full silicone strap allows the goggle to be securely snugged down.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Sterling
Hey y’all, any opinion on which lens for what conditions? Have heard mixed things about the 0-4/1-3… ty!
Answer from Will McD
Hey Sterling. Obviously, the 0-4 is a wider range, but Cat 0 is basically transparent which is nice for skiing or skinning in the dark of night, whereas Cat 1 has a wee bit of tint that adds contrast in low light conditions, such as dawn patrols. Cat 4 is VERY dark, think glacier glasses that need to block out immense amounts of light from both the sky and the ground. If you don't see yourself in these conditions, the 1-3 should be just fine. For reference, my main skiing glasses are Cat 3 Julbos and I have never felt that they weren't dark enough, even on blue-sky days.
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Model: Julbo Lightyear Goggle

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