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The Trek sunglasses are the go-to eyewear for general and ski mountaineering. Transition lenses keep the light transmission optimal and a wrap-around style blocks the U/V light from melting your face. The glasses feature air vents on the lenses to prevent fogging, and also allow airflow underneath. In addition, you can remove the side wings to further increase the venting on warm spring days. The glasses hug your head well with adjustable nose pieces and temples. The Julbo Treks are light and have photochromatic lenses that adapt to the sunlight. Perfect for race, touring, scrambling, you name it.

  • Camel lenses are polarizing so are great for bright to moderately cloudy days.
  • The Zebra lenses excel in low light and sunny conditions, with rapid transitions between.
  • All lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating.

Questions & Reviews

mbillie1 (downright abused product)
Love these. I have the Zebra lens, which is a transition lens suitable for very low-light conditions right up to midday summer Utah sun. The lenses have excellent visibility and they do not fog up. I put them on in the car before a trip to go tour and don't take them off until I've parked in the garage back at home, simple and one less thing to fiddle with at transition time. I wear them all year round - I bought them for ski touring but I now also use them for running, hiking, biking, climbing, any other outdoor activity. They protect my eyes well enough unless it's snowing somewhat heavily, in which case I have some Julbo goggles with the same lens. Out of vanity I ordered black sideguards from Julbo's site for something like $6, which reduces somewhat the rather garish appearance... and I don't find myself ever using the removable sweat-guard. The green backs of the ear rests are malleable and can be bent to fit your face, which is very nice as you can "fit" them around a winter hat for touring and easily back to a summer running fit with no difficulty.

I've thought about buying the Camel lens just because I like them so much. Spendy, but absolutely worth it for these glasses, in my opinion.
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