Height:5' 10"
Weight:160 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

Grew up in the northeast, now living in SLC, spending winters touring in the Wasatch and the west in general.

My Gear

* Dynafit TLT6P

* Movement Response-X 177cm + Ski Trab Gara Titan
* Down Countdown 102L 179cm + Dynafit Speed Radical
* G3 Manhattan 180cm + Dynafit Radical ST

* CAMP gloves (G Comp Warm, G Hot Dry)
* Julbo Treks
* Cotopaxi Cayambe pack

Recent Posts

So these gloves are a little confusing to me. They fit great and are plenty warm - kept my hands warm in temperatures as low as I usually wear gloves before switching to mittens, and that's without the overmitt on. They also don't do that thing some gloves do (ahem CAMP) where when you take them off with sweaty hands, the fingers all prolapse and it's impossible to get them back on. They look pretty cool too. So that's all good. But the differentiating feature is supposedly the window through which to view...
At 5'10", 150lbs am I going to be too big for a large?
@jbo having this issue also, do you happen to know offhand what the proper length adjustment is? (mm gap between heelpiece and boot)
I know they're not even for sale yet, but it's summer and the snow's mostly kinda gone and therefore time to start pining for new ski gear. Does anyone have any time on these? Super curious how they stack up in stiffness/flex/ski performance to other lightish boots, say the TLT6P or Procline etc, and most particularly the up-and-coming Scarpa Alien RS...
Just a headband, but a very nice headband. Very light / compact (unnoticeable in a pocket), somewhat wind-resistant, perfect for skinning all winter and warm enough to be sufficient for descents in temperatures down to maybe 20F, for my preference anyway... any colder and I usually go for a hat. Also works nice for running/hiking all year round.


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