Height:5' 10"
Weight:155 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

Grew up in the northeast, now living in SLC, spending winters touring in the Wasatch and the west in general.

My Gear

* Fischer Carbon Travers

* Ski Trab Sintesi 171cm + Plum 150
* Movement Response-X 177cm + Ski Trab Gara Titan
* Down Lowdown 90 177 + Plum 150
* G3 Manhattan 180cm + Dynafit Radical ST
* DPS Lotus 120 Spoons

* Julbo Treks
* Cotopaxi Cayambe pack
* UD Skimo 18 pack
* Dynafit Patrol GTX jacket
* Utah Skimo race suit

Recent Posts

What is the difference between this boot and the non-carbon "Fischer Travers" which appears to be only available overseas? The weights seem identical... iirc the carbon adds torsional rigidity. Anyone skied the non-carbon one? Can't find any info on it.
This probe failed during assembly today in a fashion rendering it useless, namely: one of the "male" silver pieces designed to fit into the "female" carbon tube got pushed back inside its containing sleeve, so the probe was incapable of being fully extended. Fortunately this occurred during a rescue drill and not a real emergency, or the consequences could have been quite serious. The probe was essentially brand new, having only been assembled once or twice to test that it would assemble. No piece of emerge...
This thing is a game changer! Perfect warmth over a skinsuit on truly frigid days, or over a lighter wicking shirt on normal pre-dawn ascents. Some ability to block the wind (I still bring a shell), and can be used on the descent. Much, much lighter than a normal puffy. It probably won't keep you warm if you're just standing around, but boy... I've worn this every day I've skied so far this season, and a number of colder trail running days for the descents prior to winter. It doesn't even stink (yet)! I've...
What (if any) Dynafit toes share the hole pattern of the Speed Radical? I have some SR toes I wouldn't mind eventually swapping for something lighter and red if possible lol. PDG toes match? Superlites?
Fwiw: I took some small scissors and cut out the plastic thing. The gloves rule now. It helps to wear a long sleeve thing (skinsuit top) under your watch, so that you don't expose any skin, but maybe not necessary depending on temperature / outer layer. I've also found the cuff mitts to add considerable warmth despite not being insulated, though I still can't get them back in their pocket with the gloves on. If they're annoying I just tuck them under the gauntlet. Problem(s) solved!

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