Height:5' 10"
Weight:150 lbs
Shoe Size:US 9.50
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
My Skiing

Grew up in the northeast, now living in SLC, spending winters touring in the Wasatch and the west in general.

My Gear

* Fischer Carbon Travers

* Ski Trab Sintesi 171cm + Plum 150
* Movement Response-X 177cm + Ski Trab Gara Titan
* Down Lowdown 90 177 + Plum 150

* Julbo Trek / Aero
* UD Skimo 18/28 Packs
* BD Vapor

Recent Posts

Not related to this ski, but it's the only Dynastar I see. I am curious about the Dynastar Vertical and Vertical Pro, did you not like them, thus their omission from the site? Or did they sell out, or something else? An item being deliberately not-selected for skimo.co would certainly mean something to me.
Update for the new version: they fixed the main issue with the gloves by replacing the foggy watch window with an overlapping cloth opening on either hand, so you can use your watch on your right hand if you see fit. Also the updated stowaway mitt is seemingly quite a bit more durable. It's still fiddly to put back with the gloves on, but whatever. These are the only gloves that afford this level of dexterity and also keep my hands warm in ~0F temps. I'm going to buy another pair in my size before they sell...
Haven't put this through the ringer yet, but super happy so far. It breathes very well (assuming you leave out the winter liner), in fact it's hard to tell the difference in breathability from my old BD Vapor, at least in winter temps. It's not terribly heavy, has headlamp clips... but most importantly, it is available in sizes for us bigheads! Honestly for 180g over the Vapor, I'll take the tradeoff for the additional certifications. And 2 dubious subjective assessments: 1 it feels much more substantive th...
Does anyone have a sense of roughly how much stiffer the carbon cuff makes these? I’m unspeakably happy with my “old” Carbon Travers but curious if these will drive 110+ underfoot, or if it’s more like 5-10% stiffer.
Has anyone spent any considerable time with the new removable-axe-head whippets? Seems like a recipe for disaster to me; how secure is the attachment, is there some sort of lock-in-place mechanism or do you just screw the thing on and hope it doesn't slowly unscrew?

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