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Born in 1962 on Vashon Island, near Seattle, Washington, K2 has grown from a humble ski manufacturer to a dominant force in the worldwide ski market. Its excellent attention to detail and dedication to manufacturing some of the best skis on the market has ensured success after years in the business. Up until now, the lack of lightweight backcountry skis has kept our relationship with K2 at bay, but with the redesign of the Wayback series our interest was piqued and after skiing them we knew they had to be shared. Welcome to the Skimo Co family, K2.

K2 Wayback 88 Ski
K2’s entrance into the lightweight touring market caught our attention (they previously made heavier touring skis). The Wayback 88 is a top contender for the title of Quiver-of-One. Factor in price, and it's a sure-fire winner. It’ll float in powder and p..
$699.95 From $349.95
K2 Precut Skins
The K2 precut skins are made by Pomoca, meaning they work great. Featuring a mohair/nylon blend, the skins offer excellent glide (once broken in) and grip you can depend on in any situation. Pomoca glue is one of our favorite adhesives for all conditions,..
$189.95 From $169.95
K2 Wayback 106 Ski
For those days when gluttony abounds and your friends may not be so friendly, K2 brings you the Wayback 106. Built from the same bones as the beloved 88, this fat ski is a dream ride when the snow is fresh and deep. The Wayback 106 packs all the wizardry ..
$749.95 $449.95
K2 Wayback 98 Ski
The Wayback 98 inhabits a rare space at Skimo Co. That is, it is a ski that almost all of our staff can agree on, no matter what “flavor” of skier they are. Looking at the specs, it's not hard to see why. With a versatile 98mm waist width, the Wayback 98 ..
K2 Wayback Junior Ski
Hiring a babysitter can get really expensive, especially when you want to have a nice day of touring, so why not teach your tyke how to ski and take them with you? The K2 Wayback Jr is a tool and a jewel for anyone trying to get their young athletes out a..
$399.95 $239.95

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