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There is some cool skin tech going on and Kohla is making sure kids aren’t left out or forgotten. With the Freeride Air Happy (kids) skin, Kohla takes the tried and true Smart Glue, mohair/nylon mix, and rubber Fiber Seal Technology of the Freeride Air Skins, and made it in kid-approved lengths. While the Smart Glue won’t help them cheat on their math homework, it is easy to pull apart, perfect for getting smiles on a cold day. The mix of mohair and nylon is durable and grippy, helping prevent unwanted slipping on icy skin tracks. The Fiber Seal technology works to keep water out of the skin and away from the glue, helping provide reliable adhesion. Taking a premium skin and making it in junior lengths, Kohla is helping your junior become your next ski partner.

  • Nylon and mohair are combined into a well-rounded package with good grip and glide.
  • Rubber Fiber Seal Technology is 100% waterproof to protect your glue in wet conditions.
  • Smart Glue works down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit and remains easy to pull off skis in any conditions.
  • K-clip tail attachment is easy to adjust on a perforated elastic strap for a secure fit.
  • Stainless steel tip attachments are durable and fit just about any tip shape.
  • High-precision laser cut finish provides clean edges from the factory.
  • Made in Austria without the use of solvents.

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Model: Freeride Air Happy

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