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La Sportiva RSR Carbon Pro Pole


A great ski mountaineering race pole at a great price. The RSR Carbon Pro pole uses High Modulus carbon fiber to provide strength for everyday training without the weight penalty on race day. La Sportiva poles are hand made in Italy and guaranteed to be of the highest quality and performance.

  • 100% High Modulus 3K Twill Carbon Fiber is light and strong, optimizing power transfer.
  • Polyurethane and rubber race grip provides excellent handling while climbing or skiing.
  • Removeable comfort padded straps feature an in-grip adjustment system for customizing the length.
  • Race basket with angled carbide tip is durable and great for skating those flat stretches.
  • Great price point for a carbon race pole that meets all ISMF specifications.
Lengths (cm) 130, 135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 160
convert to ounces
159g [130]
Weight (pair) 318g [130]
Sections 1
Grip Race grip with padded strap
Basket & Tip Race basket with angled carbide tip
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   3k Twill Carbon Fiber shaft, rubber / polyurethane grip
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, speed touring
Notes Race grip and basket
Bottom Line Great price for 100% 3k carbon pole

Questions & Reviews

Question from Benoit
What size would you recommend for someone 5'9"?
Answer from jbo
Hi Benoit, pole length can be a personal preference for racing and touring, but I'd do the 130s at your height.
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Question from andrew
hey jason - this may be a dumb question but i'm asking it it possible to remove the grip from these to cut off 2-3cm to get the perfect length? thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, it is possible but not easy. You need to boil the handles for a while to soften the glue enough to not damage them. Getting them back on takes some muscle as well.
Answer from Andrew
ok, thanks for the insight.
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Question from Tom S.
I am buying some poles for my son. he is 5'10". What length would you recommend?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, the 130s are a safe bet. For an in depth perspective on some racer opinions, checkout this post on skintrack.
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Question from Matty B (used product regularly)
Love these poles. One question though... do you guys have a rec for a basket replacement?
Answer from jbo
Hi Matty, thanks for the feedback! We have some Dynafit butterfly baskets on the way which are nice, they splay open and closed based on the terrain. Haven't verified compatibility with the RSR yet but they should work.
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Model: RSR Carbon Pro

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