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Fitting a skin to La Sportiva skis is fairly straightforward. The HiGlide skin attachments use the K2 Z-Clip system to fit in the holes found the tips of La Sportiva skis. The adjustable tail straps wrap around the back of the ski and clip into the tail holes. Parts are sold in pairs.

Z-Clip Tips - The metal pronged tips that slide into the holes of La Sportiva skis. Comes with a set of rivets that can be hammered on.

Tail Straps - Adjustable tail straps that clip into the tail holes. Held onto the skin with a horizontal slice near the end.

System Set - A full set of two Z-Clip tips and two tail clips with all the necessary rivets.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Panis
I would like to buy a pair of La Sportiva skins but I will also need the skin parts which are not in stock.
When do you plan to be back in stock.
Answer from jbo
Hi Panis, we've been waiting for a refresh of these all season. I suspect it might not show, and Sportiva is switching skin suppliers for next season. I would recommend checking out the Vario hole adapters & adjustable tails from Contour.
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