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La Sportiva LS Tour Precut Skins

No Longer Carry

LS is short for La Sportiva. Tour is short for Alpine Touring. Precut is short for No Extra Work. The LS Tour Precut skins match the La Sportiva alpine touring skis with a 70/30 blend of mohair and nylon. Forgoing the Z-Clip attachments system of the HiGlide skins, the new LS Tours features simple tip brackets and adjustable tail clips. Sportiva also introduces a special weave and factory wax designed for speed. The skins continue to have a waterproof membrane and are impregnated with a water-resistant treatment. The precut skins match the 2.0 line of skis (RST 2.0, GT 2.0, GTS 2.0) and also the Vapor series (Svelte, Nano, Float).

  • 70/30 mohair/nylon is the best blend of grip, glide, and durability.
  • Exclusive speed webbing and waxing shows La Sportiva values your time.
  • Fluorocarbon impregnation adds water resistance to the fibers.
  • 4-layer laminate construction is state of the art for climbing skins.
  • Comes with skin bag and protective foil for all-season storage.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Dave
How much do the skins weigh?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, any particular model you'd like us to weigh?
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Question from Serge
Hi, just wondering if these are basically the same pomoca blend as the hi glide?
Answer from jbo
Hi Serge, Sportiva switched suppliers for the LS Tour skins. They are made by Kohla.
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Model: LS Tour Pre-cut

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