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Making Turns in Colorado - The North - Vol. 1


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Colorado's state motto, "Nil Sine Numine," comes from Virgil's Aeneid and roughly translates to, "Nothing without providence." For skiers, the state motto might as well be "Nil sine nix firmitas," or, "Nothing without snow stability." When the Centennial State's tenuous winter snowpack transforms into a bountiful spring corn harvest, the Rocky Mountains open up to skiers hoping to lay down turns, and the high peaks become a playground for steep descents, traverses, link-ups, and those mellow low-angle snowfields that keep us skinning uphill well into May and June. With a focus on the greater Front Range area and including terrain from the Tenmile Range in the south to the Never Summers in the north, Fritz Sperry's new Making Turns in Colorado -- The North, Vol. 1 is an ideal resource for weekend warriors on the I-70 corridor looking to broaden their horizons and find interesting lines during green-light spring conditions and high-danger midwinter days alike. Though Sperry focuses on traveling on skis in the high country and skiing off of summits, there's plenty of variety for skiers of all preferences and abilities, and objectives ranging from the well-known to the obscure.

  • With detailed descriptions of skiing on 65 different peaks, Making Turns offers something for everyone.
  • Full-color photography provides beta and inspiration in equal doses, with detailed topo maps to add information.
  • Text descriptions of each route, line or descent mix history and anecdote with the specifics of "how to ski it."
  • Descriptions and GPS coordinates of trailheads take the guesswork out of access by car.
  • Lots of ski-tour options for refugees from snow-less lower elevations not ready to give up on skiing in the later months of spring and early summer.

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CDB (used product a few times)
I’m happy to have a copy of this after hearing it referenced a few times. However there isn’t a ton of detail. It seems like areas are split between multiple books in the series. I would prefer more narrow coverage but higher detail in a single book. Overall very worth buying though and I’ll probably get the others in the series eventually.
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