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Mammut Serenity 8.7 Dry Rope


Serenity is defined as the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. If that doesn’t sound like fun, grab a Serenity rope and turn it up a notch. The 8.7mm thin rope is certified to handle all your troubles by being rated for single, half, and twin-style climbing. With a best-in-class sheath proportion of 38%, the Mammut alpine rope is durable and easy to handle. It also won’t weigh you down after touching the snow thanks to the long-lasting core and sheath dry treatment. In short, it won’t hold you back. There’s a reason that that skiers who don’t carry the 8.7 Dry line are much more likely to exclaim, “Serenity now!”

  • Coated Core and Coated Sheath technology allow for just 1% UIAA water absorption.
  • Dry treatment also keeps out dirt, making the rope longer lasting.
  • Dynamic elongation of 31% grants a low impact force if you take a fall.
  • Ultrasound welding of the ends prevents any sheath slippage.
  • Center marked and labelled with the original manufacturer specs.
Rating Falls Impact Force
Single 5 8.4kN
Half 17-18 6.3kN
Twin >20 9.7kN

Weight: 51g/m. Static elongation: 9.1%

Grams per Meter 51g/m
convert to ounces
3280g [60m]
3920g [70m]
Length 60m
Sidecut   8.7mm
Strength Single: 8.4kN
Half: 6.3kN
Twin: 9.7kN
Specs Verified Yes
Rope Style Single, half, twin
UIAA Fall Rating Single: 5
Half: 17-18
Twin: 20+
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ultralight ski alpinism with technical terrain
Notes Excessive elongation is nice on your back and neck if you take a fall
Bottom Line A versatile technical workhorse with state of the art dry treatment
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Model: Serenity 8.7 Dry

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