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Mammut 8.7 Alpine Sender Dry Rope

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It is an undeniable fact that more is just better. More vegetables, mo' money*, more fiber, etc… With the “more is better” attitude in mind, the folks at Mammut designed a ridiculously versatile climbing rope in the Bluesign certified 8.7mm Alpine Sender Dry Rope. This triple-certified rope can act as a single, double, or twin rope providing unmatched all-season capability for wherever your next pursuit in the mountains takes you. The Dry finish keeps water absorption below 1.5% as per its UIAA water absorption test while adding increased resistance to abrasion. Because premium is better than not premium, Mammut uses only premium yarns in the construction of their ropes lending themselves to exceptionally smooth handling while minimizing unnecessary bulk. For ice climbing or light 'n' fast summer missions the Sender Dry Rope has what it takes to bring you to new heights.

  • Triple certified for use as a single, half, or double rope.
  • Dry rope property enhances durability and minimizes water absorption.
  • Sender construction has a smooth sheath and is incredibly lightweight.
  • Comes ready to climb out of the package, no need to uncoil.
  • Achieves < 1.5% in UIAA water absorption tests.
Rating Falls Impact Force
Single 5 8.5kN
Half >18 6.3kN
Twin >20 9.5kN

*Unless you're Biggie Smalls.

Grams per Meter 51g/m
convert to ounces
2854g [50m]
3396g [60m]
3875g [70m]
Length 50m, 60m, 70m
Dimensions   8.7mm
Strength Single: 8.5kN
Half: 6.3kN
Twin: 9.5kN
Specs Verified Yes
Rope Style Single, half, twin
UIAA Fall Rating Single: 5
Half: 18+
Twin: 20+
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ultralight all around alpinism
Notes Bluesign certified
Bottom Line Lightweight and triple cerified, with state of the art dry treatment
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ellen
I noticed that the weights listed are not just the grams per meter multiplied by the length. Did you actually weigh samples of the 50,60,70m version to determine their actual weight?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ellen, yes we measured the stock we have here in the store for these weights.
Answer this question:

Kevin Miller (used product a few times)
The rope is awesome, super light and perfect for back country climbing adventures. My only qualm is that it’s advertised as having a center mark on every website including this one and mine DOES NOT have a center mark which is a bummer and I would not have bought it had I known.
Reply from Kevin M
CORRECTION: there IS a center mark, however it is very hard to find. I used the rope all day and couldn’t find it but when I got home I laid it out in my
living room and did find the mark, just know that it is barely noticeable which is definitely a downside to the product. Attached is a photo of the center mark…
Reply from Teddy Young
Hey Kevin, thanks for the feedback, it's information like this that helps inform what gear we carry in the future and what attributes to prioritize! We've removed the "middle mark" feature from this product description.

I can certainly see how it might be a bit anxiety-producing to be looking for a faint middle mark during a series of rappels, especially in low-light conditions.
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thomc (downright abused product)
I'll admit this is based on my first one of these, and I'm on to the 2nd. It's been a great daily tool for trad rock and ice, and I think it's the perfect balance of weight, handling and overall Mammut excellence. They have always made my favorite ropes, and while I respect other makers, these are IMHO the best. I would not hangdog or travel glaciers with it, but for what I do, it's a fantastic cord. I have mostly used a 60 m for rock and 70 for ice, but your results may vary. It also lasts longer than you'd imagine given the diameter. Only caveat (as with all ropes) is check the middle mark. They are not always dead center, and they wear off relatively quickly. The only good thing about the latter is if that happens, you can re-mark it at the true center. Of the dozen or so Mammut ropes I've owned over the years this is my favorite.
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Model: 8.7 Alpine Sender Dry

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