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You know the snow type; too steep and firm to skin, too punchy to boot. This little pair of joy is the Duke PT ski crampons and they will be a welcomed addition to your skis when the going gets tough. These crampons are lightweight, simply constructed, and designed to keep you going uphill to your objective. They come in two sizes to accommodate skis of up to 105mm and 125mm waists and are specifically designed to work with the Duke PT binding.

Size Weight Measured Width*
105 mm 100g 105mm
125 mm 108g 125mm

*Your skis cannot be wider than this at the position of your ski crampons (just behind the toe piece).

Questions & Reviews

Question from Mary
My daughter has Volkl blaze 106 skis and duke pt bindings. It looks like the duke pt crampon comes in 105 or 125. Could the 105 work or does she need to go with the 125?
Answer from Jeff
Mary, I have measured them. The 105mm will fit a 106 ski, 107mm maybe.
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Model: Duke PT Crampon

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