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Millet Touring Racing Beanie


Designed for either touring or skimo racing, the aptly name Millet Beanie is a strong contender. A stretch-knit construction with quick-drying fibers is just want you want on your head when you’re fighting external cold and internal heat. The lightweight, tight-fitting beanie fits under a helmet and breathes well. The brushed lining and flatlock seam make it comfortable to wear. The Millet Touring Racing Beanie is a high-performance head piece for cold weather. On warmer days, check out the matching headband.

  • 4-way stretch fabric is stitched with flatlock seams and a hi-vis logo.
  • 87% polyester, 13% spandex blend is lightweight and breathes.

Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Five Stars!
Okay, so it's just a hat. How excited can anyone get over just a hat?
Lots -- really!
This arrived as a product donation from Skimo Co for a skimo race series.
I tried it on out of curiosity ... and immediately started scheming for a new award category that I could win!
(Fortunately I'd just turned 50, so I was pretty sure I would win the "fastest 50+ racer in top ten" award.)
Seriously (though all that really was serious), although this is a basic beanie in outward appearances, it has a more complex construction than many most basic-looking beanies, and hence fits better (especially for staying put).
So it's slim enough to go underneath a race helmet, yet also fits well -- and looks good -- for walking around, nordic skiing, etc.
(Note that I received the basic black color with red accents, not the more flashy neon green/yellow.)
Reply from Jonathan S
Being bestowed the hat by the race director (i.e., myself) as the winner of the "fastest 50+ racer in top ten" award.
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Model: Touring Racing Beanie

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