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When you leave your car at the trailhead and head up into the mountains, being prepared for accidents is as important as bringing water and enough layers. Minor injuries like a broken finger or sprained ankle can quickly grow serious when you're far from the car and out of cell service, and more serious injuries or illnesses are only a slip on a rock or sip of bad water away. The Mountaineering First Aid book has advice and training for injuries and illness alike, and will help prepare you for the inevitable accidents and extreme weather that comes with playing in the mountains. Don't be caught flat-footed when misfortune befalls your friend, family member, or partner-- study this book and be better prepared for the inevitable accidents.

  • Meets the current standards of first aid care by the American Red Cross and the Wilderness Medical Society.
  • Includes quick-reference boxes that summarize recognition and treatment of many first-aid problems.
  • Authored by Jan Carline, Ph.D, Steve MacDonald, M.P.H., Ph.D., Martha Lentz, R.N., Ph.D.
  • Updated figures and drawings that illustrate essential first aid skills.

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Benski (used product regularly)
Good reference book for those looking to step beyond a WFA course or refresh knowledge. Not quite a field guide, more a reference manual (and textbook for the Mountaineers’ MOFA course, if they even still teach such a course).
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