Height:5' 10"
Weight:148 lbs
Shoe Size:US 8.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
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For cutting skins, this is the only tool that lives in the kit bag... a little bulkier than the BD, but so easy and ergonomic to use. With the cost of skins these days, it is worth investing in a good tool like this to quickly cut skins in the field.
The mammut canister feels solid in hand and so far has held its charge well. New versions with the protective cover seem have some visual confidence built-in, and canisters are just low enough pressure to be filled by many shops (including Paintball shops in far flung parts of the world). 3000 PSI seems to be the new standard (ala new BCA floats), and now just wishing Mammut could get the carbon versions into the states.
For an ISMF probe that is also affordable, this is hard to beat. Short length fits inside (rather than in some sketch sleeve of) many race packs. Markings are to standard, and cord seems to last. No complaints so far.
If you like the flexibility to fill airbags almost anywhere, you should always have a pack of these. Many shops don't keep these on hand, especially if they fill more BCA than Mammut, and nothing is worse than waiting on 5 grams for a canister fill. Packaging could be a little more cold-resistant or smaller (so that you can just keep in the bottom of pack) but very glad Mammut has made these available to the public.
Despite only making it into the pack for courses, this ruler has close to daily use. It looks fashionable on the desk, and it a lot more fun to use that a measuring tape, especially when visualizing dimensions or working on tricky construction problems. Has not broken yet, which for a measuring tape is a pretty good track record. Wish there was a 400 cm version sometimes, but the 200 fits easily in a pocket and is easy to handle.

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