Height:5' 10"
Weight:148 lbs
Shoe Size:US 8.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
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So far, so good as far as a race pack. I like the new wire strap for race and lighter skis. Just large enough for puffy, spare skins, pons, shovel, probe, flask and emergency bivy. So far the fabric has held up fine, but be careful with it. I wish the internal divider went forward so the shovel/ probe could go full length without having to have the divider open, but just requires a little more caution when opening the bottom. Nice to have velcro on bottom compared to the zippers on the skin pack.
Obviously a specific pack (barely fits more than a light arva race shovel and probe, spare skins, spare layers, and some snacks), but for what it is, awesome. The breathable pack is a nice break and makes it feel closer to many of the good trail running vests out there. Big enough to fit gear for 2-3 hour individual races if packed right, and small enough to not be noticed when you really should have safety gear but don't want to carry a big pack. The Veloce seems to combine some of Camp's learnings from t...
My new favorite glove, if you can still find a pair... the goatskin leather is supple enough to work with ropes and webbing with, and the red makes them harder to lose in the snow or your bag. Wrist loops are a plus for any skimo glove, and make fine tasks easy. The wind mitt is a good blend between small size (not really noticed on the wrist) and warmth, though some magic fibers that would allow it to be used near ski edges or bindings would be great. Still not terribly warm when sitting around, but for m...
My favorite pole so far ... nice and stiff with limited vibrations due to majority carbon shaft (unlike some Alu poles). Hard to lose in the snow :) Only complaint is that the strap could be a bit longer for when warm mitts are required.
Excellent new book from mountaineers. Lines can be demanding, but includes detailed maps and beta ... an excellent resource for spring Mountaineering, and finding new lines to explore

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