Skimo Co





5' 10"


135 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year


Recent Posts

Great offering from, especially appreciated when Dynafit isn’t quite on top of their communications or shipping. Hope more small parts stock can be bought to increase the offering of small internal parts that are easy to lose during repairs.
This is a great offering from— especially for the pesky Speed basket extenders that tend to fall off on especially epic missions. Highly recommend a single for your expedition spares kit if you enjoy this lightweight pole. Having parts like this readily available with fast shipping options makes it easy to not keep a whole spare quiver.
Love the (newish) Petzl Altitude. It’s harness that looks and behaves like a harness, but without the extra bs of padding (that’s what layers are for). For those who are climbers turned skiers, this harness has the features you’d expect in configurations you’d expect. I love the thought that went into wider webbing and gear loops for when you want to do more than just rappel or be towed in a Skimo race. Liked this enough that I got a matching one (different color of course) for my partner.
This is a great offering from, for when new parts are out of stock or no longer made, or just ridiculously priced. I’ve found a few gems here that have allowed setups to continue serving for many more days.
Love our Reversos. Accepts a wide variety of rope sizes (just not the large 11mm statics), and has very friendly handling and carabiner holes that fit almost any carabiner. Friction grooves provide just enough extra power when needed. If you ever need one for wider ropes, the original first generation (solid rather than cable loop) is pretty sweet.

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