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Pieps has long been at the forefront of avalanche safety technology and the DSP Pro is the company’s signature beacon. A large search radius, ample battery life, and a good scan function are a few of the reasons why the DSP Pro is in the pouches of many avalanche experts. The transceiver even has bonus features such as a built-in clinometer to help with basic assessments. On paper it's a great beacon. However, we no longer carry this beacon due to potential safety issues with the locking mechanism that were discovered in the field.

  • Standard 60m search radius and lateral search strip.
  • Wide range of operating temperatures, from -4°F to 105°F.
  • Neoprene pouch with Pieps’ Quick-Pull-System allows fast access when the clock is ticking.
  • Built in inclinometer is also a quick ego-check.
  • Indicator notifies you of any deviation from the standard 457kHz.
  • SCAN Function displays a quick overview of all buried devices within the search strip.
  • Intuitive iProbe Support is easy-to-use in a multiple burial scenario.
  • Auto-Antenna-Switch will automatically default to the antenna with the strongest signal.
  • Display is easily readable, no matter the conditions.
  • Auto Revert Search-to-Send will automatically switch your beacon back to search mode in the event of inactivity in case of a secondary slide.
  • Comfortable and secure harness included (+102g).
convert to ounces
222g [no harness]
Antennas 3
Transmit Range 60m
Search Range 60m
Battery Life 400 hours in send mode
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Avalanche rescue
Notes Has a group check
Bottom Line Easy to use pro-level beacon

Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (used product regularly)
I've had a unit since the new design first came out in Fall of 2013. At first I thought it was just a new housing of the original "Old Yellow" DSP model, but instead Pieps really put a lot into new tweaks and improvements behind the scenes.
My favorite improvement upon "Old Yellow" was the flagging feature: Pieps was the first to introduce any sort of signal suppression into a beacon, yet even with firmware updates over the years, "Old Yellow" never flagged reliable for me compared to the competition. But the new DSP Pro has been flawless for me in this regard.

As for more details, I assisted with this review:
Note that in the summary section for all beacons:
... the DSP Pro is the only model that simply lists "None." for "Cons"! And it really is a nice "neutral" kind of beacon model, appealing to just about anyone, and without any quirks or other issues requiring a learning curve. (Although you should still practice on a regular basis, and also read the user's manual initially.)

Compared to its slightly less-expensive DSP Sport sibling, the most important feature is the frequency tester on the Pro. Unlike frequency testers on other models that just report a Pass/Fail essentially, the Pro reports the actual frequency, which is helpful for checking drift on large fleets of loaner/rental beacons, as well as just informing a partner that a beacon might be kind of on the edge.

For skimo-specific concerns, if you plan to use the beacon without its harness, the length and width dimensions are reasonable, and the corners are nicely rounded. However, the three-position switch does add noticeably to the depth if you were to use it inside a race suit poach. Not a deal breaker, but would be more noticeable than some other models.
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