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Randolph R

Randolph R




5' 10"


175 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:


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Thanks, I came up with a quick home solution while waiting!
Show up at any rando race in europe and the vast majority of amateur and pro competitors will be rocking these skins. It isn't coincidence... these are the best gliding skins around. The difference against other brands is immediately tangible. One could dock stars for long-term durability, but I see it as the price of doing business. If you're racing, don't be caught on any other skin.
EPIC! You are really are the best internet retailer I've ever dealt with (by a mile - even 10 miles!)!
I bought these boots with the intention to use them as a daily driver and for some longer technical ski traverses. I chose them to fill in the gaps I saw where my Alien 1.0 are a bit week. I wanted something that, like the Alien 1.0, was 1) light weight, 2) full range of motion, and 3) stiff but that also 4) was full coverage, and 5) had a locking mechanism that was less prone to breakage / could easily be repaired in the field. No doubt that the Syborg is light, stiff, and has a full range of motion (and a...
I must admit - I have likely never been so satisfied with a pair of skis as I am with the Ultimate 78. The weight to performance ratio is simply unlike anything else I have tried. I own some race class skis that I consider to be versatile enough to take out in more demanding terrain (eg. Movement Gold Fish), but the level of performance increase that comes at the price of a few hundred grams is killer. The ultimate 78 skis like a much larger and heavier ski and thus doesn't really require any adjustment in ...

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