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SCARPA Boa Parts

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Alien Large Boa Guide: The larger of the two Boa guides, usually found closer to the cuff of your boot.

Alien Small Boa Guide: The smaller of the two Boa guides, usually found closest to the toe of your boot.

Boa Cable 110mm: 110mm of steel Boa cable designed for Alien and Alien 1.0 boots smaller size 24.0-27.0.

Boa Dial M3 Tongue Reel 2: Tongue and Boa reel for Alien and first-generation Alien 1.0 24.0-26.0.

Boa Dial M3 Tongue Reel 3: Tongue and Boa reel for Alien and first-generation Alien 1.0 27.0-28.0.

Boa Dial M3 Tongue Reel 4: Tongue and Boa reel for Alien and first-generation Alien 1.0 29.0-30.0.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Randolph
Hey! Will the BOA guides be coming back into stock soon?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, Randolph! We are hoping these arrive Wednesday and are ready to ship out later this week. Please give us a call at 801-942-9084 if you want help placing an order for the part you need!
Answer from Randolph R
Thanks, I came up with a quick home solution while waiting!
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Question from Mark Johnson
Hey guys I have a first gen 1.0 and my dial ripped out of the tongue.

Will the tongue you have in stock fit my 27 boot?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Mark,
Unfortunately we do not have those tongues in stock, you'll need to contact SCARPA directly about getting a replacement. The boa dial should be included in the replacement but you should double check with them on that when you contact them.
Answer from Mark J
Thanks for the quick response Julieana!

I actually found a way to reattach the boa to the tongue with steel wire that seems almost better than new! So it all worked out.
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Question from Michael
Do you have this line guide in your offer? They broked and laces will destroy the liner and cuff. My boot is Scarpa Alien RS
Answer from Patrick C

We do not have that part in stock, but if you can email us at we can look into ordering that specific part for you!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from Alex N
Will the Boa M3 dials for Alien 1.0 27 be in stock anytime soon? Thanks!
Answer from TSB
Hey Alex, are you looking for a Boa dial for the older 1.0 or the new Alien 1.1? Looks like they use different Boa knobs/systems. In either case we will see if we can get that part from Scarpa!
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Question from Tom
Does the boa 110 mm cable and boa M 3 tongue reel fit blue F1 boots

Answer from eric
Tom- The cable on the F1 is special to that boot. I believe the reel is also larger on the F1 too. This tongue is for the alien boots only.
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Question from Albert McDonald
Looking for a boa repair kit and throw cord guide for my alien rs (sz 29), will any of these work? Thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Albert, unfortunately these parts will not work to repair your BOA. I would suggest reaching out to BOA or Scarpa directly. The cord guide can be found here.
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Question from Mike Rolfs
Are the alien boa guides compatible with the blue F1?
Answer from Nate
Hi Mike, they are indeed compatible.
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