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Alien/F1 Large Boa Guide - The larger of the two Boa guides, usually found closer to the cuff of your boot.

Alien/F1 Small Boa Guide - The smallest and narrowest Boa guide, closest to the toe on the Alien 3 and F1.

Alien/Alien 1.1/Alien RS Boa Cable - Boa cable for all "Alien-series" boots after 2016

Boa Cable 40cm - 40cm of steel Boa cable designed for F1 boots size 24.5-27.0.

Boa Cable 50cm - 50cm of steel Boa cable designed for F1 boots size 27.5-31.0.

Boa Cable 110mm - 110mm of steel Boa cable for all Alien-series boots as well as the F1 LT.

Boa Dial M3 F1 - Boa dial for Scarpa F1 boots.

Boa Dial M3 Alien/Alien RS/Alien 1.1 - Boa dial for Alien-series boots.

Alien/Alien 1.1/Alien RS Boa Dial M3 Reel Kit - Includes Boa dial, pully, and boa housing.

Boa Pulley - The internal pulley in the boa that attaches to the lace.

F1 Tongue Guide - The Boa guide closest to the toe on your F1s.

F1 Boa Lace - Boa Lace for the F1 boots. Comes in multiple sizes.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Endre Veka
The Boa ratchet mechanism on my F1 EVO (left boot) has broken, photo below. Can you confirm what replacement part I need to purchase, assuming you have it?

Thank you, Endre
Answer from Jeff
Endre, You need the part the BOA mounts on. We do not have it and I can't find the Scarpa part number. The F1 BOA dial we have on this page does Not include it.
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Question from Ian H
Is the cable for the Alien also 0.8 mm diameter? Is there a trick to lacing the Alien since it’s inside the boot? Thanks!
Answer from Will McD
Hi Ian. The cable is indeed 0.8mm. There's not much of a trick to re-threading it other than doing it a lot, you sort of just have to feel around in the dark for the cable guides. I attached a crude sketch of the internal system to hopefully make it easier to visualize. There's two slots in the plastic "tongue" that the cable has to pass through as it criss-crosses across the intep.
Answer from Ian H
So I received a free warranty cable replacement from Boa. In the past when I’ve replaced a broken cable I took out the guides and laced it outside the boot and then put it back into the boot. Some of the bolts that hold the guides are stuck. If I’m reading your response correctly, it sounds like you leave the guides in the boot for relacing. I can’t get the cable through even the first guide. Any more tricks/tips?
Answer from Dennis K
Hi @Will, I got a related question! I seem to have cracked the plastic tongue on my F1LT. Everything still works, but there's a noticeable lack of pressure on the top of the foot. Do you think I need to take the BOA apart in order to fully assess what's going on and any advice on how I go about taking it apart in the first place? Thanks!
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Question from Patrick Dawson
Any update on when you will have the Alien/Alien 1.1/Alien RS Boa Cable? Any other option to get it replaced?
Answer from Jeff
Patrick, Sorry, no word. Probably next Fall.
You can always try BOA directly.
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Question from Jorge
What's the width (i.e. diameter) of the Boa Cable 50cm for F1 boots?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jorge, it's 0.8mm in diameter.
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Question from chance c
I need to replace the BOA cable in a "SCARPA Alien Boot" size 29. The cable is frayed but the remaining ratchet and bullies appear to be in ok condition.

Will the "Alien/Alien 1.1/Alien RS Boa Cable" be available in the near future or is that a special order item?

Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Chance. Thanks for reaching out. We are trying to get those Boa parts in but don't have a definitive date to give you at this time. I went ahead and put you on our notification list and you'll receive an email just as soon as they are in stock.
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Question from Sam
I'm looking to replace the entire boa system on my early generation Fischer Travers Carbon which I believe uses the M3 boa. However, the laces are coated and not exposed metal like these. Do you know if any of these components work? If not, any other suggestions? Thanks!
Answer from Cole P
Hey Sam, thanks for reaching out. Boa has great customer service and an awesome warranty department. I recommend reaching out to them for those parts.
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Question from Dustin L
Is there a video or instructions somewhere on how to replace the boa cable for the F1 boots?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dustin,

Taking photos throughout the deconstruction process, and using the other boot in the pair for reference can be a helpful. Otherwise, shoot us an email to, and we would be happy to walk you through the process.
Answer from Dustin L
Thanks. I am have too. It looks like I need a really small torx driver to get the dial off. Any idea on the tool needed?
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Question from Jeff
I'm looking for a replacement cable for my daughter's F1's size 22. Would the 24.5 to 27 Boa Lace work? If not, do you have something that will? Thanks
Answer from Will McD
Hey Jeff, the 24.5 to 27 should work just fine. If you find that you're not able to tighten it up enough for her, you could trim up to 10cm off of the end that goes into the dial with a pair of wire cutters.
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Question from Alexander N
Over a year later - I didn't answer this question the first time (whoops!), but the problem never went away. I'm looking for the dial for the original 1.0, which uses a T6 wrench I believe.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Alex. The "Boa Dial M3 Alien/Alien RS/Alien 1.1" will work for your boot. It is available in the dropdown menu above.
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Question from Joseph Wynn
I think the dial on my F1 LT boot may be stripped. The dial is stiff to turn, skips while tightening and will not hold tight, the reel is also stiff to release. The outside looks fine, the cables are in good condition too. Will I be able to fix this? What parts might I need?
Answer from Jeff
Hey Joe, You can order either the Alien or F1 Boa Dial, same except for color. Don't have them in Orange yet. Yes, sounds like it is stripped.
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Question from Mark Shaff
I broke off the dial on my Scarpa F1's. Do I need the dial and reel kit? It is straightforward to replace it? Thank you.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Mark, if you just broke the dial component then all you would need to replace it would be the Boa Dial M3 F1 which it looks like we are currently out of stock of. If you wanted to email would could set you up with an email notification once that product arrives and if you wanted to send along some pictures we could also help confirm the exact parts you would need.
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Question from Thomas
Hello Skimo Team, I have a 2019 F1 and would need the small BOA guide.
Answer from Will M
Hey Thomas,

Send us an email to and we'll see if we can get that figured out for ya!
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Question from Paul L
So hard to tell from descriptions. I have the Light Blue 2018 Scarpa F1. I don't see any of the required replacement parts listed besides the Large guide. Am I missing something? If they are out of stock, when do you expect more? Hate to lose a season over a busted BOA...Thanks
Answer from Patrick C

Thanks for reaching out! If you email us at we can set up a notification for you as we are currently out of stock. Those parts have been ordered as of last week so if they are in stock with SCARPA they should be arriving soon!
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Question from Jacob
If I wanted to assemble a repair kit for my F1s which of these parts would I need? Seems like an M3 dial, large lace and all three sizes of guides or does the M3 kit have a lace in it? Thanks!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Jacob, for your repair kit you would need the M3 F1 dial kit, large cable and the small and large boa guides. The M3 kit does not have the cable in it. Unfortunately we are out of stock of the small boa guides currently but could add you to our notification list once they arrive.
Answer from Paul L
To confirm....these F1 replacement parts will work on the light blue (I think 2016/2017) version of the F1? I can see the cable snapping and my buddies just did....but what could happen to a guide? Do the dials themselves also degrade over time? Thanks
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Question from Randolph
Hey! Will the BOA guides be coming back into stock soon?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, Randolph! We are hoping these arrive Wednesday and are ready to ship out later this week. Please give us a call at 801-942-9084 if you want help placing an order for the part you need!
Answer from Randolph R
Thanks, I came up with a quick home solution while waiting!
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Question from Mark Johnson
Hey guys I have a first gen 1.0 and my dial ripped out of the tongue.

Will the tongue you have in stock fit my 27 boot?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Mark,
Unfortunately we do not have those tongues in stock, you'll need to contact SCARPA directly about getting a replacement. The boa dial should be included in the replacement but you should double check with them on that when you contact them.
Answer from Mark J
Thanks for the quick response Julieana!

I actually found a way to reattach the boa to the tongue with steel wire that seems almost better than new! So it all worked out.
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Question from Michael
Do you have this line guide in your offer? They broked and laces will destroy the liner and cuff. My boot is Scarpa Alien RS
Answer from Patrick C

We do not have that part in stock, but if you can email us at we can look into ordering that specific part for you!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from Alexander N
Will the Boa M3 dials for Alien 1.0 27 be in stock anytime soon? Thanks!
Answer from TSB
Hey Alex, are you looking for a Boa dial for the older 1.0 or the new Alien 1.1? Looks like they use different Boa knobs/systems. In either case we will see if we can get that part from Scarpa!
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Question from Tom
Does the boa 110 mm cable and boa M 3 tongue reel fit blue F1 boots

Answer from eric
Tom- The cable on the F1 is special to that boot. I believe the reel is also larger on the F1 too. This tongue is for the alien boots only.
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Question from Albert McDonald
Looking for a boa repair kit and throw cord guide for my alien rs (sz 29), will any of these work? Thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Albert, unfortunately these parts will not work to repair your BOA. I would suggest reaching out to BOA or Scarpa directly. The cord guide can be found here.
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