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Eric S

Eric S




6' 0"


155 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

Previous telemarker. Any AT boot I use seems easy to ski. Prefer long mellows days than steeps, though I occasionally do steeps if I need to because of a summit trip.

My Gear

TLT5 and Voile Vector for most backcountry days
Dalbello Virus and Voile Vector inbounds; Dynafit Vertical ST
Scarpa T2 and Karhu Guide, with releasable Voile bindings

Recent Posts

Are the Oazo 4, 6, 8 toes, and Pika toes, identical (other than color)? And are the Race toes truly any different, besides not coing with the crampon mount?
Do all French people have short ears or something? It's too bad, because in all other respects this is a darned nice helmet.
I bought one of these in size S, and it's just big enough. But, the ear warmers are too short. It's annoying. I'm keeping it because it fits my daughter, but I am wondering: does the size M have measureably longer ear warmer? Can you check for me!? Just slightly longer (1/2 cm) would probably do the trick. It's otherwise a perfect helmet.
Hey guys, I purchased a pair of Objective BCs in 171, and Hypervector BCs in 154. I have a quesiton about mounting! I found the boot center point using Voile's guide here: But I can't find any recommendations on mounting. My questions are 1) Would you normally mount these at boot center? 2) What size drill is recommended? Note: I have all the jigs, bits, etc. that I need. Just need to be sure about the drill size/depth recommendations and boot cen...
I'm curious if you guys have gotten out on these skis yet, and if you have an opinion of their suitability for the typical fresh "powder" that isn't really powder which are the typical conditions I'd experince when seeking real powder here in the PNW.

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