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Eric S

Eric S




6' 0"


155 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

Previous telemarker. Any AT boot I use seems easy to ski. Prefer long mellows days than steeps, though I occasionally do steeps if I need to because of a summit trip.

My Gear

TLT5 and Voile Vector for most backcountry days
Dalbello Virus and Voile Vector inbounds; Dynafit Vertical ST
Scarpa T2 and Karhu Guide, with releasable Voile bindings

Recent Posts

I think you'll love them. Hands down the best design I've seen in terms of user friendliness. The only caveat is that they are not yet a well tested binding and of course none of these bindings are DIN or TUV certified except a couple of the much heavier ones (Dynafit Rotation 10 for example). So I can't comment on safetey or longevity. (That's true about many bindings though.) I'm still very happy with mine. You can go lighter, but there are always compromises. One cool thing is that the brakes are ...
Given that my favorite-fitting boot of all time is the TLT5, what do you think? I understand this is a wider boot, but the way it cinches down sounds promising. Thoughts?
Small correctiom to my previous review. There *is* a slot for a leash on each front corner of the toepiece. Nicely designed actually.
Ok, it's perhaps a bit early to be giving a "star" rating since I've only been and twice on these skis. But I thought it might be appreciated by those on the fence. I have given them "4" but only because I haven't skied them enough yet. There's nothing to suggest they aren't a 5. I'll report back later this season. Bottom line so far, having skiid them in wet powder, real dry powder, chalk, and icy sections (all in one day, Mt. Baker ski area), I like em. Both days were in the resort, and while th...
Used just once so far, but I thought folks looking for bindings in this category might find this useful. I also considered the new Dynafit Ridge, which is really well thought-out, but decided there were too many untried fiddly things that might break. Worth waiting a year on that. (The Cruise bindings are new this year (2023-2024) as well, but the toe piece isn't -- it's the same as the latest generation Alpinist from last year (2022-2023)). Things I like: *Very positive brake action. *Easy turning in...

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