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Eric S

Eric S




6' 0"


155 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

My Skiing

Previous telemarker. Any AT boot I use seems easy to ski. Prefer long mellows days than steeps, though I occasionally do steeps if I need to because of a summit trip.

My Gear

TLT5 and Voile Vector for most backcountry days
Dalbello Virus and Voile Vector inbounds; Dynafit Vertical ST
Scarpa T2 and Karhu Guide, with releasable Voile bindings

Recent Posts

You make a good point -- I probably overstated the argument. The "cam" system for the ATK heel is smoother, for sure, but whether it really makes for a safer or more reliable release/retention, I don't know. I've never had trouble with either. The ATK does have more riser options. The toe, in my experience, clicks in more immediately on the ATK. But this may vary with user, which kind of boots you have, etc. Really, the ONLY thing to complain about with the Pika is the single riser height, and for m...
Folks considering these boots may find it useful to know that the fit is definitely much better for narrow/low volume feet than the tradiational Scarpa fit (e.g., Maestrale). I am extremely happy with the fit, which I have not been able to say about Scarpa AT boots. It may also be of interest to know that contrary to reports on at least two "review" sites I've seen, the fit of the SL version of this boot is not any different. I checked with calipers: it's identical, as one would expect given that Scarpa...
Good to hear. Thanks you very much for the quick response.
Your boot size selector lists, e.g., 28, 28.5, and 29. Are there actually three differnet shell sizes in that group? Or is 28.5 = 29 as in all other Scarpa iterations? I'm curious because 28 Scarpas are too short for me, usually. And 29s are too wide! Thanks!
Thanks! I placed an order.

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