Eric S

Eric S
Height:6' 0"
Weight:155 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.50
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
My Skiing

Previous telemarker. Any AT boot I use seems easy to ski. Prefer long mellows days than steeps, though I occasionally do steeps if I need to because of a summit trip.

My Gear

TLT5 and Voile Vector for most backcountry days
Dalbello Virus and Voile Vector inbounds; Dynafit Vertical ST
Scarpa T2 and Karhu Guide, with releasable Voile bindings

Recent Posts

Why aren't you guys selling this boot anymore? Has it be disconctinued entirely (by Arcteryx)? Or have you just found they don't sell since they're so specialized? Still on the lookout for something to replace my TLT5s!
I really want to hear more about this boot as soon as you guys have tried them. They received a very strange and not very believable review at Things I'll be curious about are 1) How they ski vs. a TLT6. 2) How do they fit? I'd love it if they fit narrower than the F1. I realize you guys probably haven't been on them yet. Just a heads up I expect to buy 'em from you if you convince me they are as good as they sound!
Thanks JBO. For the record I'm in TLT6's. But I should compare with my Scarpas before deciding anything. This is all on my mind because my ski came off on a steep slope the other day (yup, summer volcano skiing) and it freaked me out. However, it was the heel, not the toe that released, probably because I run my heel DIN lower than the recommended setting, a habit I evidently oughta change.
Thanks for that feedback, Jeff. I am perhaps being overly blaming of my tools, rather than technique. Even so, I've found other bindings in the past a little easier to step into in such situations. But probably I should leave well enough alone!
Are you guys going to get the Zed toes back in stock? I have this idea of replacing my Salomon Mtn toes with some Zed toes, while keeping the MTN heels. (I love the MTNs, but find the toe frustratingly hard to clip into which is annoying on steeps). Am I crazy?

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