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Eric S

Eric S
Height:6' 0"
Weight:155 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.50
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
My Skiing

Previous telemarker. Any AT boot I use seems easy to ski. Prefer long mellows days than steeps, though I occasionally do steeps if I need to because of a summit trip.

My Gear

TLT5 and Voile Vector for most backcountry days
Dalbello Virus and Voile Vector inbounds; Dynafit Vertical ST
Scarpa T2 and Karhu Guide, with releasable Voile bindings

Recent Posts

Looking to put the Pika on my old Voile Vector. The skis are 180 cm. Nominal center width = 97 mm. Will the 95 mm brakes fit, do you think? Or had I better go with 105?
Superb binding for lighter / older people. If you don't need >7 (I don't), then I see no reason not to prefer these over the Rotation 10/12. They are lighter, and the gold anodizing is nice. They have some elasticity in the toe, and this is noticable (in a good way) vs. older/simpler bindings. For a full on backcountry binding or a 50:50 binding (resort/backcountry), this is a very solid, easy-to-use choice.
I haven't used "downhill style" bindings in 20 years or so, and generally prefer light tech bindings. But I bought a pair of skis this year with primarily inbounds and slackcountry use in mind, and figured "why not" put these on since weight isn't much of a consideration. So far so good. I'm not really convinced they are any safer than something like the Dynafit Rotation 12/10/7 series, and they are not nearly as elegant. It's possible to step in and have the heal slightly off-kilter, something that's ...
I'm mounting some Hagan Core Pro 12s on my Voile Vectors. Using the screws that came with the bindings of courses. Recommended drill bit size? And should I tap?
Have you guys seen any changes to the brakes this year? You wrote that "the first gen brakes had some issues staying retracted". Do you still think that's true?

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