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Plum Brakes

Brand: Plum
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Price: $89.95
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Moving your bindings to some new skis? Need some wider brakes for your fatties? Plum now has replacement brakes available for all Guide and Yak bindings. The brakes use a sliding lock system to remain retracted while skinning. Just push the red button to release! The brakes are available in 85mm, 95mm, 105mm, 115mm, and 135mm widths to match just about every ski.

Please note that Plum recommends the brakes be swapped by an authorized dealer, but we won’t report you for trying.

Question from Chris V
Is this the only add-on PLUM brake? Wondering if there is a version where you don't have to manually disengage the brake and instead have the turn of the heel plate act to hold it out of position when climbing.

My husband ordered this red-button version but before I have it mounted want to be sure there is not a simpler option. Thanks in advance for your reply.
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, this is the only option. It works well though; he'll get used to it quickly.
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Question from Randall K
how do these mount ? I have plum guide's w/leashes but want to install the brakes. I also have the crampons so how will the brakes effect the crampons ? Or not ?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Randall! You'll need to buy new baseplates in order to get these brakes to mount. Send me an email with a picture of your heel piece to our help email address at the bottom of the page and I'll see what I can do!
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Question from Andrew
Do you need the long heal track to use this break if the original Guide has the standard short mounting track? If so, is that available to buy? I asked Plum about buying this track in the past and they told me it was not available for purchase.
Answer from eric
Hey Andrew Unfortunately you need a whole new base plate to use this brake. The whole base plate+brake is available for about $200 per pair, and there could be a delay depending on our shipping schedule. Otherwise you would need to buy the whole binding with brake.
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