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ATK Kevlar Core Leash

Brand: Hagan
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ATK leashes are made with a Kevlar core to be ultralight yet strong. They extend up to 60cm (two feet) but have a spiral polyurethane sheath that otherwise prevents them from slopping around and getting caught on branches. A simple clipping system lets you hook and unhook your skis at will. The leashes weigh 17 grams (0.6 ounces) each and will break with an elongation force of around 70kg (154 lbs). Sold in pairs.

Question from ROBERT HESS
Hi, does the looped end that attaches to the ski break, have a black slider adjuster that you pull down on to take up the slack of the large loop? Or does the large loop just go onto the ski brake as shown in the picture with no adjustment? Is Atk manufacturer located in the usa? Please advise. -Rob
Answer from jbo
Hi Robert, none of the black areas slide. It's meant to be attached with a girth hitch. ATK is in Italy.
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Question from ROBERT HESS
Hi, Who is the manufacturer of this ski leash?
Answer from jbo
Hi Robert, it is ATK.
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by lance j (used product a few times)
Followed Jonathan's lead and just girth-hitched the leash to my Dynafit Superlight 2.0. Leashes seem solid and secure, but come with the added benefit of a break-away link.

Dynafit leashes are too short in my book, B&D are very long and have to loop around you cuff if you don't want them to wag around as you ski. The ATK leashes are very light, with just the right amount of length and stretch.

Not sure what you'd need to do to make a better leash. Seems like these are pretty well dialed in my book.
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by Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Five Stars for a perfect stretchy leash. Nearly weightless unlike some competitors, and very compact when all coiled up, but has some decent length when extended.

I’ve previously made my own leashes out of 3mm accessory cord, but dialing in the length exactly can be tricky when swapping between different boots and bindings (i.e., with different attachment points). With this leash though, any excess length stays out of the way instead of flopping around, and the coils of course extend when you need a little more length for clipping.

I did though modify it as shown in the attached picture to be more like my custom leashes. For the attachment point to the binding, I didn’t bother with the provided key-style split rings, and instead just girth-hitched it to the hole on a Plum race toe lever (or on a Dynafit race toe to the open part of the frame on the side). For the attachment point to the boot, the provided mini fakabiners are probably preferable if you have bulky handwear. But since I almost always use thin gloves, I substituted in a plastic “hangman snap hook” (with the original swivel part dremmelled off) attached with cable/zip ties.
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