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ATK leashes are made with a Kevlar core to be ultralight yet strong. They extend up to 60cm (two feet) but have a spiral polyurethane sheath that otherwise prevents them from slopping around and getting caught on branches. A simple clipping system lets you hook and unhook your skis at will. The leashes weigh 17 grams (0.6 ounces) each and will break with an elongation force of around 70kg (154 lbs). Sold in pairs.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Michael
Some users commented that it is not possible to girth hitch this leash, while others commented that they girth hitched it. There are different stock pictures, possibly from different generations of this product, some showing an oversized carabiner that cannot be girth hitched, which would seem like a major design flaw. Can the current product be girth hitched? If not, how does the puck system work, and is it reasonable to attach and detach the leash from the binding during a ski tour? I like to have the leash only when skiing steep terrain.
Also, is this the exact same leash that comes with the ATK Haute Route Plus?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Michael, the current version of this product cannot be girth hitched. The puck system only works with specifically shaped ATK toe levers, and they don't come off too easily. Not something I'd want to do in the field. A girth hitch could be done with a little cordage, and I would recommend doing that if you want to take this leash on and off during a tour. Or, opt for a different model. This is the leash that comes with some ATK bindings, including the Haute Route Plus.
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Question from Vincenzo Lindley
Hi, I am looking for a leash for the dynafit low tech race binding. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Vincenzo,

You could make these work, but the Dynafit Guide Leashes or these Ski Trab Leashes might be better options for girth hitching around the little eyelet that comes with the LTR binding.
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Question from Cameron8787
Can I use these leashes from my downhill powder ski ( black Crows with look bindings) I currently use 4 ft streamers that keep coming out .. its a pain to gather and stuff back in ..
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Cameron,

These are designed for ATK tech bindings and so they are not the easiest leash to retrofit onto other bindings. You can definitely do it, but may need to improvise your own attachment. They are not easy to girth-hitch. Something like  these Trab leashes might be a bit easier to deal with, but it just depends on whether you have a good attachment point on your bindings/how you choose to attach them.
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Clark (hasn't used product)
I just received these and quickly learned your opinion of them will likely depend on your intended use. Specifically, if you plan to:
*** attach them relatively permanently to one pair of skis and pretty much always engage them (vs leave on binding without clipping to boot in mellow terrain) - they're well designed and you'll probably like them.
*** swap them across your ski quiver, attach/detach depending on the day's objective, or engage/disengage to boot while on the move depending on the terrain - they're probably the absolute worst option available. The "puck" binding attachment system is extremely finicky, the oversized biner/boot clip is clearly designed to prevent girth hitching the system to the binding, and that same oversized biner and extra long coil/cord means if you leave it on the binding without boot engagement its going to be a whole lot of bojangle going on during any movement (tour or ski).

Since I also have brakes on my entire quiver and only intended to use them sparingly in "don't lose a ski here" type terrain (re: steep/firm, glacial, etc...), these leashes are absolutely THE worst option available and I'm returning them immediately.
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Question from Sam Mcdonald
How do you remove these leashes?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Sam, the little plastic puck fits quite snugly! You should be able to pry it down and get it moving with a thin flathead screwdriver or similar tool from the front of the toepiece.
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Question from Ryan A
Hey do you guys sell just the little puck the sticks in the toepiece? It seems like a cleaner attachment than a girth hitch and I typically only use when I'm forced to at a resort
Answer from Emmett I

Sorry, we don't sell these separately. If the girth hitched cable is too bulky, you could find some thin cord to use as a leash loop, just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't fray. That said, it's probably easier to just remove the cable when you're not using it.
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Question from Jasper

will these leaches fit on the 22/23 Marker Alpinist 12 bindings? I know Marker has leashes also, but these do not come with a fuse and that scares me. What would be the best advice with the Marker 12's?

Answer from Niko M
Hi Jasper,

The only recommended leash for the Alpinists is the Marker specific leash due to the very small attachment point. It is important to note that attaching the leash after the Alpinist toe has been mounted is very difficult and is best done during the mount. If you're worried about not having a breakaway component, the Maruelli Leash Safe Loops is the part for you! They are not in stock at the moment, but we have ordered more and are on the way. They then can be found here. A zip tie can work in a pinch. Thanks!
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Jeremy L (used product regularly)
Fantastic leash. Lightweight and has all the length needed to reach up even to the ankle (I use the Scarpa F1 LT and most leashes were too short). Quality is great too. Make sure not to lose the two black pucks when you open it! I was so excited to put my leashes on that I lost one of the pucks and had to carefully walk back to the mailbox until I found it. Installation was straightforward. These leashes work great for ski tours.
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Comment from Zesheng H
It's not quite fit for ATK Raider 10/12 toe piece.
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Question from Lazar
I'm guessing these don't work with ATK Raider 12's? Little puck doesn't really work with this toe piece unless I'm missing something.

Answer from Zak M
Hey Lazar, the loop of the leash should be able to fit through the little opening on the toe piece of the Raider 12. Quite often if there is no designated spot to connect the one end of the leash you might need to add a small loop of cord (2-3mm usually works) in order to attach it.
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Question from Joseph Dickerson
Do these come with the metal disc for installing on ATK bindings? I lost the ones that came with my Haute Routes and I really only need the disc so I want to confirm before ordering ha.
Answer from Will McD
Hey Joseph, the leashes do indeed come with the little puck for attaching them to ATK toe levers.
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Question from will
Will these leashes fit on the Marker Alpinist?
Answer from Jeff
Will,, This leash will not fit in the tiny hole on the Alpinist. You are better off with the Marker leash.
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Pete (downright abused product)
I own one pair of these leashes and swap them between every pair of skis I own. Low profile and extend up to a nice length to step out of bindings. The nose of the carabiner likes to snag, but quick work with a file, grinder or dremel tool remedies that.

I am a tremendous fan of the aramid core (as opposed to steel cable). I have had problems with metal fatigue on others from continuously stepping on the tech toe nose, and simultaneously bending the leashes. No problems with these a few years of heavy use and they're still going strong.
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Question from Ettore

Can I attach them on Dynafit TNT?

The other leash from Dynafit that you have doesn't come with the wire if I have understood correclty..

Which one do you reccomand me?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Ettore! Yes, they will attach to a Dynafit TLT! The Dynafit leash does come with metal loops to girth hitch the loop and the attachment loop to your binding and boot, whereas this ATK leash comes with a key-ring of sorts. The Dynafit Leash offers a slightly more flexible attachment system, but the ATK leash is a bit more robust.
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Question from Shiv
Do you know when these will be available in stock?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Shiv! Should be any day now actually. Kreuzspitze also makes a similar leash that has already shipped and will likely be here even sooner.
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Nathan H (used product regularly)
The length is just right allowing me to step out but not too long that they drag. The nose on the carbiner is too big and makes it a hassle to unclip. I shaved the nose down and it works much more smoothly.
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Question from ROBERT HESS
Hi, does the looped end that attaches to the ski break, have a black slider adjuster that you pull down on to take up the slack of the large loop? Or does the large loop just go onto the ski brake as shown in the picture with no adjustment? Is Atk manufacturer located in the usa? Please advise. -Rob
Answer from jbo
Hi Robert, none of the black areas slide. It's meant to be attached with a girth hitch. ATK is in Italy.
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Question from ROBERT HESS
Hi, Who is the manufacturer of this ski leash?
Answer from jbo
Hi Robert, it is ATK.
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lance j (used product a few times)
Followed Jonathan's lead and just girth-hitched the leash to my Dynafit Superlight 2.0. Leashes seem solid and secure, but come with the added benefit of a break-away link.

Dynafit leashes are too short in my book, B&D are very long and have to loop around you cuff if you don't want them to wag around as you ski. The ATK leashes are very light, with just the right amount of length and stretch.

Not sure what you'd need to do to make a better leash. Seems like these are pretty well dialed in my book.
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Five Stars for a perfect stretchy leash. Nearly weightless unlike some competitors, and very compact when all coiled up, but has some decent length when extended.

I’ve previously made my own leashes out of 3mm accessory cord, but dialing in the length exactly can be tricky when swapping between different boots and bindings (i.e., with different attachment points). With this leash though, any excess length stays out of the way instead of flopping around, and the coils of course extend when you need a little more length for clipping.

I did though modify it as shown in the attached picture to be more like my custom leashes. For the attachment point to the binding, I didn’t bother with the provided key-style split rings, and instead just girth-hitched it to the hole on a Plum race toe lever (or on a Dynafit race toe to the open part of the frame on the side). For the attachment point to the boot, the provided mini fakabiners are probably preferable if you have bulky handwear. But since I almost always use thin gloves, I substituted in a plastic “hangman snap hook” (with the original swivel part dremmelled off) attached with cable/zip ties.
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