Height:5' 11"
Weight:160 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.50
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
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My Skiing

Almost entirely a backcountry skier, I like going far and racking up big days. I've skied several years in the Utah backcountry, around Colorado, and in the Pacific Northwest. I'm an ex-ski bum at Snowbird and an ex-professional ski patroller at Park City. I also race and love doing it.

My Gear

TLT 5 Performance boots
Dynafit PDG 160 cm with TLT speed superlight bindings.
Black Diamond Stigma 170 cm with TLT Speed bindings.
Black Diamond Revert 180 cm with TLT speed bindings.

Recent Posts

These skis are fantastic. I've put them through the ringer this year, and they're pretty much my desert island ski. For reference, I like light skis that punch above their weight class (Atomic Ultimate 78, Salomon X-Alp, Movement Alp Track LT 106 are the rest of the quiver). Though I have both lighter skis and fatter skis, these are my go to for everyday touring and ski mountaineering. I'm 5'11" 155 lbs and ski the 177cm. The ski is stupid light. Unlike other light skis its not chattery or floppy or noodly...
A bit fiddly to get setup (perhaps the only crampon that needs to be broken in), once dialed in these spikes are a thing of beauty. The flexible instep lets them fold in half, clip easily to a harness, fit in a pocket, or just generally disappear into a pack. Weight is excellent, and once they're dialed, they're much more secure than the camp options that use a tech heel. It's impossible to get the cord adequately tight when adjusting by hand, so they need to be adjusted, put on the boot, and retightened af...
Are the older crampon mounts removable once installed? ie. can you unscrew and remove then reinstall as needed?
I have the new tails now on a pair of these, and the strap is not just thicker, but it also has elastic qualities. That means that it actually stays on, unlike the old one. It's also notched/indexed, so it stays where it was when you removed it and doesn't require resizing every time.
Good to hear I guess. I got that word from both our local rep and the warranty people at Dynafit NA. Maybe they've changed tune on the issue since we talked in June. I'm glad also that it's both not a fluke to break one and that it's not especially easy to break-- mine just broke after fairly minimal use. I'd use them again if I was confident that it wouldn't break so quickly, but the strap would definitely be getting some more modification or replacement. For those using the poles, I recommend folding over...

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