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The Leopard is a lightweight, aluminum crampon with a unique linkage Petzl calls Cord Tech. By eliminating the metal linking bar traditionally used between the toe and heel of the crampon, the weight and the bulk, of the crampon are greatly reduced. These are the crampons you forget are in your pack and won't hesitate to have with you just in case. Much easier to put on than other foldable race-style crampons, the Petzl Leopard can be used in races or light-n-fast ski mountaineering where you may need to put them on in dicey situations.

  • 10-point design is optimized for glacier and snow travel.
  • Tool-free length adjustment uses a simple cord re-routing.
  • Two binding options: LeverLock FIL and Flexlock.
  • Comes with protective carry bag.
  • CE certified for mountaineering.

Leopard LLF - Lighter LeverLock FIL automatic binding is suitable for boots with toe and heel welts. Ideal for use with most ski touring boots.

Leopard FL - FlexLock binding can be used with all boots with or without toe/heel welts (e.g. TLT7). Can even be used on hiking and approach shoes.

Adjusting the Leopards

Update 2024/25: Petzl made some slight changes that help the Leopard's pair with even more footwear. Otherwise, the functionality remains unchanged.

convert to ounces
159g [LeverLock]
193g [FlexLock]
Weight (pair) 318g [LeverLock]
386g [FlexLock]
Points 10
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum, stainless steel, Dyneema cord, nylon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight ski mountaineering
Notes Protective bag included
Bottom Line Don't leave home without them
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Questions & Reviews

Question from R C
I’ve got the automatic version of this crampon and compared to conventional crampons with bars, it works well but you have much less margin of error for getting a good fit. Here’s what I’ve figured out:

Adjusting one cord up by a single hook on one side takes in 18mm of slack. That shortens the crampon by 9mm. The different bail positions are 6mm apart. If you lengthen the crampon with the cord and shorten via the heel bail (or vice versa), you get 3mm adjustment steps, vs 9mm steps with just the cord.

I hate to use the bails as part of the length adjustment because they already have a different role in adjustment: the rear bail position sets the heel tabs to fit the boot and the front bail adjusts the front points protrusion.

My question is: would a different style of heel bail with a screw-style micro adjust let me fine tune the tension? Which one will go best with these lightweight crampons?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi R C, we've got a variety of CAMP Heel Bails with some adjustability. The "Semi-Auto Heel Bail - Skimo" option fits into the Leopard crampons. The others are too large in diameter. Though it does not have the screw-style adjustability, it does have 3 positions in which you can place the top of the heel bail, allowing it to move up and down a little more than 1cm total.

Another solution here is to get a replacement cord and create an adjustment loop to the length that you need. Then you can dial in the toes and heels exactly where you want them and have perfect tension as well.
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Question from Jen
Will the leverlock leopards fit a 22.5 Atomic backland? i have tiny boots and am worried that they will not go small enough. Thank you!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jen, the LeverLock Leopards don't quite go small enough for a 22.5 backland in the stock configuration. There's plenty of clearance between the front and back plates under the boot, but the cord needs to be shortened up just a bit by cutting and retying it so that it lands somewhere in the middle of the adjustment range at the length you need.

Take a look at Petzl's site for instructions on tying the knot in the cord, under the "Technical Information" heading on this page.

If you didn't want to re-use the same cord, we sell a replacement kit.
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Question from Liam
Would these work with the tecnica cochise 120?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Liam, the Leopards should work just fine with your Cochise 120 boots. Thanks
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Question from Wanhe Z
Hi Skimo team,
When I tried to fit it on dynafit boot with speed nose, i found the toe box a bit wide to slide further into the toe bail. I'm a bit worried about the front toe being too backward and making a loose fit. Is there any other way to make a more snug fit or is there any other way to tightne up the strap around the toe bail?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Wanhe, the toe looks great in the picture. I would make sure both the cords are as tight as you can and the strap is pulled down snugly. You have plenty of boot in the toe bail, just keep the cord and strap tight and go ski!
Answer from Matt C
Hey Wanhe, did you ever get these crampons satisfactorily adjusted to your TLT8s? I have the same set up (size 27) and the first time I tried them slid off and the other had a lot of play. I have since done some tinkering at home and haven't been able to get them configured in a way I would trust much beyond a parking lot. Reading other comments it sounds like some break in is standard but I'm still skeptical about the compatibility of these items.
Answer from Wanhe Z
Hey Matt, sadly I haven't got a chance to try it in field. I might take the crampons to test at local ski resort and like you said break in a bit~ I'm guessing this kind of setup is not that perfect but it works.
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EG1 (used product regularly)
As said by most other reviews - really good and light crampons for longer days/tours.

Important to keep in mind that the dynema band does stretch pretty quickly and will become quite loose on the first setting - so best not to have your first use be in a place where you cant afford a crampon falling off.

Once adjusted I found them good to go without more adjustment - however I do keep an extra cord in the bag as steps where the midfoot comes in contact with rock slowly wears on the cord.
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Taylor M (used product a few times)
These cats are sweet! Like you read, so light that you forget they’re in your pack. When they’re needed, they go on easily and perform great. Since they’re aluminum I’d try to be pretty sparing on much direct contact with rock. Stoked to have a pair and will use them continuously for bigger ski mountaineering days as well as summer mountaineering escapades. Versatile and awesome crampons
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Question from Lita Cho
What is the weight of the crampons with the antisnow plates?
Answer from Teddy Young
The Leopard anti snow plates(with screws) are 76g per pair. 318g for the LeverLock Leopard crampons plus 76g for plates/screws comes out to 394g total for the pair!
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Question from Paul Sullivan
Does the leverlock system fit a 23.5 fischer travers?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Paul, yes the Leverlock version of the Leopard will fit a 23.5 Fischer Traverse.
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Question from Matt
Will the leopard fit a dynafit hoji 130 free size 30.5? Not sure if that'll max it out or if it is a touch too large for this crampon. Have the sarkens but am looking for something more light weight.
Answer from Jeremy L
Matt, thanks for your question. They sure do, with plenty of room to spare.
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Question from Zach
Hi there - I just want to confirm that the Flexlock version can be used with ski boots with toe and heel welts, correct? I'd ideally like to buy one crampon for use with everything I ever put on my feet and need crampons for, i.e. running shoes and ski boots (Fischer Ranger) and winter hiking boots.

Given the Skimo Co review and Eric's 2017 review, it seems like the Flexlock version is exactly what I want, but I just want to confirm because the Petzl product page itself makes it seem like the Flexlock won't fit on ski boots w/ toe and heel welts.

Thanks for any help.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Zach, the FlexLock version can be used with ski boots just fine. If you were going to be doing a lot of booting with them though I would stick with the LeverLock Fil for overall better performance when front pointing. You can always buy the flexible heel piece and toe bail later on to then be used with a running shoe or a hiking boot.
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Brad H (used product regularly)
I have a pair of these in the FlexLock style. I've used them with my Atomic Backland Ultimate boots, with trail runners, and with Salomon S-Lab X Alp Carbon Gtx Boot. These are great all around crampons. I most recently used them on Ski Mountaineering trip to the summit of Mt. Hood. These crampons provided excellent performance climbing the Pearly Gates. I've also used them to summit Mt Rainier.

All around great cramp-on!
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Question from Erik K
Dear Skimo.
Just got the new Alien 1.0 (or 1.1 as it is called). The fit on toe part is not really good unless I have the front welt assymetrical mounted. See picture. Any field experiance with this combo? Do you see any problems by having the toe mounted assymetrical? It does make the whole front part of the crampon a bit "inclined"/rotated, but it seems securve when hand flexing it.
Best regards.
Answer from Cole P
Erik, thanks for reaching out, that shouldn't be a problem in the field as long as your heel lever snaps firmly, but I think we can get the crampons fit by adjusting the toe bail. To get the crampons straight I recommend fitting the bails symmetrical and then bend the toe bail little by little until your crampons fit the boot properly. If you would like further help email us at
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Question from Tyler
Is it more important for the crampon heel to line up lengthwise with the boot heel (left), or for the crampon heel posts to fit snugly around the heel of the boot (right)? I'm guessing the latter but I'm not sure. Apparently the Backland Pro has a pretty narrow heel.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Tyler, as long as the heel lever snaps firmly, both should be secure. That being said, I tend to prefer the latter to eliminate the possibility of any side-to-side play!
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Question from Chuck
Has anyone tried the flexlock version on an Atomic Backland 30/30.5? I read somewhere that the BSL is too long for the LEOPARD FL ?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Chuck, I just did a FlexLock Leopard test fit on a Hoji Free 29.5 330mm BSL (we’re out of size 30/30.5 Backland Carbons currently, which are 328mm BSL). The crampon does fit, but I’m using the first cord tightening hook on one side, and none of the hooks one the other side. In other words, it’s nearly maxed out, but it should fit!
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Question from Aaron Trowbridge
I'd like to get a pair of leopards for ski mountaineering and light summer shoe use. Will the FL system work well enough for my scarpa f1s or will I have to track down the individual lever lock components too?
Answer from TSB
Hey Aaron, yep, the FlexLock toe should hook up OK with the F1 so long as you tension the cord properly (see review below). The toe bail on that particular boot isn't particularly protuberant, so the F1 tends to work just as well with a "semi-automatic" rubber loop attachment as it does with a traditional metal bar-style attachment (what other brands call "automatic").
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Nat (downright abused product)
I used the LeverLock version with my Scarpa Alien RS a dozen days last spring and they proved to be a great, extremely lightweight crampon. They fit well on this boot. Reading through some of the past comments of the dyneema cord "stretching" I think it's more a "seating" issue. I do agree tho - the 1st couple times you use this crampon they seem to get a little bigger on the sizing and will require some re-adjustment. I actually had my cramps fall off twice in very firm, 55-60 degree conditions and I was briefly less than psyched. For my Alien RS in 27 I needed to make an adjustment to the rear heal bail and use the other hole (creating more tension) and then I found that staggering the adjustment tabs on the rear piece enabled me to find the sweet spot. Super light and compact. After the initial break-in period and some adjustments I went on to use them in very firm and committing situations without any issue. I do notice some wear on the dyneema cord but nothing that is concerning. And I do believe that dyneema is readily available from Petzl for replacement.
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Question from john red-horse
I hate coming into a relatively mature thread to ask a fit question, but I recently swapped from old-school tele boots to NTN, and I'm having to re-vamp my spring/summer setup to accommodate them.

Do either of the attachment styles of this crampon fit a Scarpa NTN boot, such as a TX Pro? My CAMP XLC 390's, toe clip edition, are totally out of the question.


Answer from Jeff
John, We don't have any Tele boots to try on the different crampons. I don't see why the toe bail will not work for those boots. The FlexLock should work, a semi automatic style should work with anything.
Answer from john r
Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the follow-up! Unfortunately, the NTN tele boots have a front ledge that fits into the toe pieces of all non-tech style tele bindings, and I've seen for myself at least one crampon with semi-auto attachments that does not accommodate that ledge: Grivel Air Tech Lights -- the non-wide version. That is why I'm asking the question more generally for other makes/models of crampons.

Answer from Henry G
Hey John, don’t know if you’re still looking for a definitive answer here, but Petzl makes a toe bail specifically for tele boots
Hope this helps!
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Question from Eric A
Hey Skimo team, do these fit well on the Solomon X-Alp ski boots?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Eric, with the X-Alp having toe and heel welts, the LeverLock FIL option should be a good choice. I just tested out that combo, and it looks like a great fit! Make sure to adjust the cord very tight for a nice snug fit, as the cord stretches just a bit.
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Question from Matthew
Would these fit a pair of Fischer Travers Carbon's well?
Answer from jbo
Hi Matthew, yes they do fit reasonably well. I've been using that combo a fair amount.
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Question from Julie D
Will the FlexLock version of the Leopards work with Dynafit TLT7s without the Dynafit crampon adapter? Or is the adapter still needed? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Julie, the FlexLock binding works great with the TLT7s, no adapter needed!
Answer from Julie D
Thanks so much for such a quick reply!
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