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Petzl Leopard Crampons

Brand: Petzl
Model: Leopard LLF / FL
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Price: $169.95
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The Leopard is a lightweight, aluminum crampon with a unique linkage Petzl calls Cord Tech. By eliminating the metal linking bar that is traditionally used between the toe and heel of the crampon the weight, and especially the bulk, of the crampon are greatly reduced. These are the crampons you forget are in your pack and won't hesitate to have with you just in case. Much easier to put on than other foldable race-style crampons, the Petzl Leopard can be used in races or light-n-fast ski mountaineering where you may need to put them on in dicey situations.

  • 10-point design is optimized for glacier and snow travel.
  • Tool-free length adjustment uses a simple cord re-routing.
  • Two binding options: LeverLock FIL and Flexlock.
  • Comes with protective carry bag.
  • CE certified for mountaineering.

Leopard LLF - Lighter LeverLock FIL automatic binding is suitable for boots with toe and heel welts. Ideal for use with most ski touring boots.

Leopard FL - FlexLock binding can be used with all boots with or without toe/heel welts (e.g. TLT7). Can even be used on hiking and approach shoes.

-> ounces
159g [LeverLock FIL]
193g [FlexLock]
Weight (pair) 318g [LeverLock FIL]
386g [FlexLock]
Points 10
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Aluminum, stainless steel, Dyneema cord, nylon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight ski mountaineering
Notes Protective bag included
Bottom Line Don't leave home without them.
Question from Trevor J
Hi guys, how do these pair with the Alien RS?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Trevor! Really well unless you want to front-point in ski mode a lot!
Answer from Trace Leches
Here's a pic of the heel, right out of the box.
Answer from Trace Leches
Here's the ski/walk locking nubbin. You can see how close it is and it doesn't allow for ski mode without some pretty generous modification to the ski/walk lever.
Answer from Trace Leches
Here's the toe bail. These crampons fit really well out of the box but could do with a bit of adjusting to get it perfect. No complains here though.
Answer from Trevor J
Awesome, thanks alot for the pics i appreciate it. nice to know that could be an option i had thought it wouldn't be.
Answer this question:

by Eric (downright abused product)
The only pair of crampons one can really compare these to are the CAMP Race 290 Dyneema. Compared to those, adjusting these is freaking simple. The key is to adjust them super tight, then squeeze the dyneema cables together to work out the play. I swap them back and forth between different boots and it just takes a couple of minutes to dial it in. Compared to the hassle that was adjusting the CAMPs these are a dream. They also sit much more securely on your foot than the CAMP. The toe *barely moves at all because the cable connects in two places. I've used them on PG race boots (where they don't interfere with the heel throw lever!), PDGs, Fischer Travers, and Vulcans and not had any fit issues. Additionally, with the strap on system, they fit great on running shoes. Durability is as expected for aluminum. Definitely not designed for rocks so I only use them if I only expect to boot up snow or for races. Running though some rocky sections at Adamello and a couple of World Cups didn't seem to affect them too much. My dyneema cord is a bit fuzzy after a season but doesn't look sketchy yet. I'm hesitant to replace it until it seems necessary but it would be a bummer to blow one. They seem to rub a bit on Billygoat Ascent plates but that could just be how I've set them up...
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by Nate (used product regularly)
I’ve been very pleased with the performance and compact storage of these crampons.

Choosing to take crampons has always required extra planning due to their bulk. Usually I need to bring a bigger pack or find a way to lash them to the outside. With the Leopard, I find myself throwing them in my normal pack even if there’s only an off chance of needing them. No need for extra accommodation. They are so light and so compact that in the pack they aren’t any more noticeable than my ski crampons.

The Dyneema linkage between the heel and toe are simultaneously the biggest advantage and weakness of these crampons. The Dyneema saves weight and enables their small packaging, but stretches out through the first few uses. This means that you must spend extra time and attention to the fitment of your crampons each time you put them on AND while wearing them. Something that can be a distraction at a time where you’d rather not be thinking about your gear. After several usages, this problem ceases. The cord settles into a final adjustment and no longer needs fiddling. For this reason, I’m giving them 4 stars instead of 5.

In terms of durability, they are on par with other aluminum crampons and the typical caveats apply. Avoid rocks as much as possible and don’t expect to be front pointing up technical ice.
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by Patrick (used product regularly)
A bit fiddly to get setup (perhaps the only crampon that needs to be broken in), once dialed in these spikes are a thing of beauty. The flexible instep lets them fold in half, clip easily to a harness, fit in a pocket, or just generally disappear into a pack. Weight is excellent, and once they're dialed, they're much more secure than the camp options that use a tech heel. It's impossible to get the cord adequately tight when adjusting by hand, so they need to be adjusted, put on the boot, and retightened after some use to make them truly secure for a given boot size. Thankfully, theyre field adjustable without tools. Once dialed in, the fit is very confidence inspiring, with no slop (paired with an F1 in my experience). The dyneema cord has fuzzed a bit after some agressive use, and I wouldn't hike them around on the rocks, but otherwise, durability is good. The weight and convenience are tough to beat.
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