Height:6' 0"
Weight:180 lbs
Shoe Size:US 12.50
Skier Type:N/A
Ski Frequency:N/A

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This was on day 3 of use.
Update: It is a bit softer than the original Backland Carbon. I broke the boot cuff in a "just skiing along" situation. The walk mode lock popped out mid turn and, in doing so, cracked the cuff. I've had this situation occur in Mercury and Neo boots, which have a similar lock mechanism, without damage. It seems like a good boot but maybe fragile. Dynafit replaced the boots, so no issues there.
I think the fit is slightly roomier than my Mercury & Neo boots
Just a quick preliminary review after a short uphilling-style tour and a day in the mountains. These boots are pretty sweet. They fit similar to my Dynafit Mercury & Neo boots before I had work done, with a touch more width in the forefoot (I will still need a punch). I love that there is no tongue to fiddle with. Stiffness is comparable to my Backland Carbon boots with the tongues in. The one negative I have found is that the thin liner has a tendency to lead to shin bang against the cuff when driving a ...
Used these a few times. They work well, and we even got onto some small bits of real ice on them and they were fine. I like the light weight and small size when packed. Cons: 1) Fit with these boots (Atomic Backland) is poor, toe section moves significantly and I can pry them off if I twist and wrench enough. The toe bail is wider than the boot welt, and I am considering swapping the bail with a BD one for better fit. However, they haven't popped off yet. 2) The length adjustment is with a screwdriver. Ho...

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