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If we had to compare the F1 GT to its LT sibling, we’d have to say they are “similar but different.” Being composed of Grilamid instead of the mystical Carbon/Grilamid mixture of the LT, the GT carries a few more grams, however, it also sports a more progressive flex, which many skiers will appreciate. Specific to the GT, SCARPA added an instep buckle instead of a BOA, which adds durability while also allowing the foot to be securely locked down to help you fully enjoy the descent. For the ascent, the GT has a 72° range of motion and Vibram UFO LT sole that will have you flying up the skin track at speeds most often seen in Area 51. Built for big days in the mountains, the F1 GT will happily accompany you wherever the skin track leads.

  • Tour L T2 Liner is made by Intuition and highly moldable, allowing for a truly customized fit.
  • 72° range of motion will make short work of the ascent.
  • Recco insert can help rescuers find you in unfortunate circumstances.
  • Forward lean of 9°, 11°, or 13° (+/- 2) allows you adjust the forward lean to your preference.
  • Vibram UFO LT outsole provides out-of-this-world traction.
  • More progressive flex than the F1 LT due to the full Grilamid lower.
  • Two buckles and a power strap provide excellent power transmission.
  • Shell can be punched, helping to further customize the fit if needed.
  • Taking off the included power strap can save 46 grams.

convert to ounces
1124g [27]
1223g [28]
Weight (pair) 2248g [27]
2446g [28]
Buckles   2
Boot Sole Length   270mm [24]
278mm [25]
286mm [26]
294mm [27]
302mm [28]
310mm [29]
318mm [30]
327mm [31]
Binding Compatibility   Tech Only
Cuff Rotation   72°
Forward Lean(s)   9°, 11°, 13° (+/- 2°)
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid FG LFT cuff and shell
Liner   Intuition Tour L T2
Sole   Vibram UFO LT
Skimo Co Says
Usage Fast and light touring
Notes The instep buckle helps to secure the foot inside of the boot
Bottom Line A more forgiving version of the F1 LT
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dan
A 23.5 in the zero G tour pro is a good performance fit for me. Any chance the 24 in the GT is small enough? I will have to come in and try one on if you have the stock
Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, there is a decent chance. It's a half size longer internally but if you're squished into the Tour Pro it could be quite comfortable.
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Question from Shane K
You guys think this boot would fair ok with hyper V8s for soft snow conditions? They'd also be used with movement Alp tracks 100s. 176 and 170 lengths respectively. Im torn between these and the standard F1s. I've had the F1s previously and they were just fine with these skis. The lightweight and walkability have me very interested in these boots. Thanks a bunch!!!!
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Shane, this boot would work alright with the V8 as long as the snow conditions are on the softer side -- we've seen plenty of people on that combination! Both the V8 and Alp Tracks 100 are fairly light skis, so you won't be too underpowered.

Do note that the F1 GT is a skinnier and lower volume boot than the standard F1. Please feel free to reach out to or fill out our Boot Fitter if you'd like to discuss fit details!
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Question from Tyler H
Hi, this boot is listed as "tech only". Would it work with a Shift binding?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Tyler,
Thanks for writing in! The F1 GT would not work with the shift binding due to minimally designed toe and heel welts. "Tech only" largely refers to the traditional touring bindings where pins insert into both the heel and toe of the boots.
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Question from Tony Goymerac
Is that lower cable user replaceable? Do you sell it? Would be good to have in a repair kit. Definitely a bit of wear from opposite ski edges starting to show on mine, mostly on that top inner anchor point where the cable is thicker due to reinforcing sheath, which is slowly wearing through. Looks like the start and end point is anchored by a torx bolt, but the midway point seems to be riveted in with no way to thread the larger ends through it? Or is there a hidden cover that flips up allowing the cable to be threaded through? Guess I could test it myself but I'm leery of pulling things apart with no guarantee it will go back together.
Answer from Patrick C

Yes, the cable is replaceable by removing 2 bolts with a T20 Torx screwdriver. You are also spot on that the cable guide is riveted in place so no easy way to thread the cable through, or under it. No hidden secrets from our side on how to remedy a snapped cable other than involving replacing a rivet. If I come up with a better answer I can update this thread. Sorry for not being more helpful!
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Question from chris cawley
I have tough-to-fit, skinny feet. Recently, I finally tried on an F1-LT and it felt better than I thought it would, BOA closures always leave me wanting the clamped down feeling of a buckle, and the F1-LT was no different. I'm wondering whether, compared to the LT, this boot feels a little more secure around the midfoot/instep.
Answer from Jeff
Chris, This is a good boot for skinny feet. The buckle will let you clamp down to your hearts content. And the new plastic does have a noticeably more progressive feel.
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Question from mike
What would be the best attachment point for leashes on this boot?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Mike,

Generally, if you already have leashes, whatever you can make work. If you can reach the lower buckle, that would work well. If not, you can attach a thin piece of cord or zip tie to the lower cable and use that as your attachment point. Thanks!
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Question from Jeffrey C
Is there any more room in the toe box than the F1 LT?
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Jeffrey,

Quick answer: No, but you can punch the F1 GT much more.

The F1 GT uses the same mold and cuff as the F1 LT, but it uses glass-infused Grilamid, while the F1 LT uses carbon-infused Grilamid. The glass-infused Grilamid can be punched much further than the cracking-prone carbon-infused version.
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Question from Maaß
Any thoughts on how this material change and new buckle will effect the durability?
Seems like the softer plastic will keep the hinges flexing for longer but I have had a ton of buckles break down before their time.
Answer from Jeff
Maaß, Durability, No problem. The boot still uses Grilamid with Fiberglass instead of carbon infusion. That shouldn't affect strength or durability at all. Scarpa is the best for supplying parts for boots and if you do break one, Scarpa will take care of it.
Answer from Morgan B
From my experience Scarpa NA is actually NOT the best with warrantee or boot parts. I broke the cuff on my Alien RS (a common issue with the carbon grilamid) and they refused to cover it with a warrantee and were not able to sell me a replacement cuff. If you buy boots from them assume that they will NOT help you out.

Huge bummer because they fit my feet perfectly and ski great... this boot looks like a great replacement just not sure I want to risk another $800 with them.
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Question from Taylor Brown
What is the flex rating of this boot?
I have the F1 LT and wish they could be a tad stiffer for the down and I really dislike the boa.
The GT looks great!
Answer from Jeff
Taylor, New boots coming out and variations of old ones (this GT) and the F1 LT is still the stiffest. Great boot. Flex ratings are not a concrete measurement but just for comparison. Scarpa does list the F1 LT at 100 and the new GT at 90. I would say/guess that the slight change in plastic won't feel that different in overall flex. I don't have details about you, which skis you are using these on or where you are skiing. But if some days you are using a bigger ski, in more challenging terrain or snow, you may need much more boot. Feel free to email us to go into detail.
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Question from Erik Badger
How do these compare to the Skorpius? Fit, performance etc.
Answer from Jeff
Hello Erik,
Start with the important part, Fit. The Skorpius has a low volume fit with a med/wide toe box. Nice for some folks. The new version will have that same fit but with more instep height. The F1 LT/ GT is a low to medium fit with a tapered toe box. As mentioned below, the GT should better accept a punch, but not too much.
Performance. For the light Touring boots, they are both at the top of the list for DH performance. The Skorpius still includes a tongue, so that should give them an edge. But the new heavier GT will be very close, possibly a wash.
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Question from Kyle J
My experience with the LT was such that punching would not get me the space I needed. What little width I could get, lead to less vertical volume...

Considering the difference in plastics between this and the LT... Do you anticipate the GT being a bit easier to punch?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Kyle, you are absolutely correct. The GT is made with Grilamid which is workable by a boot fitter. Still, working with thin materials it is still possible to lose vertical volumes as you punch it out for width. That can be said for any boot, but overall yes, this boot can take a punch where the F1 LT is very difficult to stretch at all.
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Model: F1 GT

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