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Calvin E

Calvin E
Height:6' 1"
Weight:195 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

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Dcscad, I agree with your review 100%! These things must be a well-kept secret, otherwise everybody would have a pair! Depends on the terrain, but in a lot of places I go, these skis are just like cheating! Now if Voile would just offer a traction base in more of there other models, particulary the V8.
This seems like a great idea, but after using one for a couple years of rappelling, I agree with most the experienced mountaineers that have tried it - there is a better way, if you feel you need a backup at all. The better way is to use a standard prusik autoblock loop applied to your control rope, insuring that it has space to not get sucked into the ATC or other rappelling device. Problems with the Petzl Shunt include its heavy weight, and being very difficult to release once it locks up. It is also ...
Forgot to mention in my review above - it would seem that the special materials used in the Carbonio were leveraged to make the boot stiffer, rather than lighter. They weigh the same as my old TLT7's. In light of that, the downhill performance of these touring boots comes as close as ever to my resort boots. Combined with some Voile V8's fat skis, I feels just as if I'm using my (much heavier) resort rig! Very confidence inspiring.
Thought I would post a quick review now that I've had this boot out on a few tours. I really like them, now that I've got them working well for me. Its much more comfortable than any other touring boot I've had, coming from the TLT6 and TLT7. Even as comfortable or better than my Salomon Mtn Lab's, but of course MUCH lighter than those! Here's what I did to get them working to my satisfaction: 1) Replaced factory footbed with "green" Superfeet. 2) removed power strap. 3) Used a machine to cycle the cuff...
Dane, agreed on all of above. TLT6 was good, but a narrow toe box for a narrow foot (that I don't have). Took a lot of boot-fitting for me on that one. How do you like your Scarpa Alien 1.0? I'm sure they are great on the skin track. How about down hill? Good enough for some easy powder turns?

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