Height:6' 1"
Weight:195 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

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Looks a lot like the BD Helio 200, but I like the Helio better. Not a fan of brakes. Are you going to get the BD Helio 200 in?
A Plum leash with the thin cord can be pulled through the small hole in the toe lever with fishing line. You can then complete a girth hitch to hold it in place.
Mounting the optional heel flap or riser was a little tricky on the two sets of bindings I just mounted, so I wanted to warn others/provide some tips. The issue is getting the small screw out of the top of the heel binding so you can install the flap/riser. Both of my sets had been assembled with red (permanent) locktite. The only way you can turn the screw out without stripping the head, is to heat it up enough to melt the locktite - even then, the screw is quite tight. The binding will try to spin, so...
Ok, cool. I don't use brakes in the backcountry and my Voile V8's are 116 mm just ahead of the toe binding, so the brakes wouldn't fit anyway. I love everything else about the Ride 10 - seems similar to the Black Diamond Helio 200, which is out of stock and very expensive ($700 at REI).
FWIW, I'm doing the inverse of that with very good results - Using Speed Radical toes with Radical ST 2.0 heels. Releases are appropriate (it does release, but no pre-releases). Skied many times with this setup on Voile Vectors last year, both BC and on Resort. I used the B&D 6.4mm shims under the toes.

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