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Voile Hyper V8 Ski


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The Voile Hyper V8 is one of the most fun-filled fat skis out there. Surfy and floaty even in heavy powder, it inspires the confidence to really let it run. The Voile hybrid rocker keeps the ski nimble in tight spaces or while ripping through the aspens. Ample camber ensures that if the powder turns out to be windboard or sun crust, you’ll maintain control and smiles for miles. The Paulownia and carbon core keeps the weight down so your spirits and energy for another lap stay high. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself using this ski more often than your old fat quiver skis. The Voile Hyper V8 could be pow-surfer of the year for years to come.

  • Voile Hybrid Rocker provides great versatility in variable conditions.
  • Polyamide top sheet is durable and scratch resistant.
  • 2mm thick edges can take a beating and stay sharp.
  • Black ptex bases are durable and hold wax well.
Lengths (cm) 165, 171, 176, 181, 186, 193
convert to ounces
1315g [171]
1410g [176]
1470g [181]
1575g [186]
Weight (pair) 2630g [171]
2820g [176]
2940g [181]
3150g [186]
Dimensions 134-107-117 [165]
138-110-120 [171]
141-112-123 [176]
143-114-124 [181]
143-115-126 [186]
150-119-130 [193]
Turn Radius 16.6m [165]
17m [171]
17.3m [176]
18m [181]
18.4m [186]
20.4m [193]
Skin Fix Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Voile Hybrid Rocker, rocker tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape Rounded tip & tail w/ medium radius
Construction Cap
Core Paulownia wood and carbon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder, powder, powder
Notes Same great shape, lighter core
Bottom Line Ski all the powder yourself
Compare to other Excess-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

John S (downright abused product)
I LOVE THESE SKIS. Believe it or not, these have been my year-round daily drivers in Alaska for two years. They have been doing it all for me from powder days to summertime glacier corn harvesting. Of course they have limits, but they're great for more than just powder. They're a fun, playful ski and feather light for the fatty waist width. Pair them with the right tech binding and they practically levitate.
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Question from Justin
I am looking for an all around touring ski for winters in the Tetons. Would you recommend these? If not, what would be a better choice? Also I am 5'9" 155lbs, would you recommend the 176s or 181s.

Answer from Cole P
Justin, great question. The V8's are a great powder ski but I would recommend downsizing to the Voile V6 here. The V6 is a narrower version of the V8 making it a little more versatile while still performing great in powder. I would recommend getting the 173cm or the 178cm length with your height and going for the longer option if you want to ski in powder at higher speeds.
Answer from Justin G
Thanks for the response! I probably should been a bit more clear. I am currently skiing the Mythic 97s as a daily driver/spring ski and I am looking for a fatter ski to handle deep days in the Tetons. I was considering these or the G3 Findr 110s...any thoughts in that regard?
Answer from Cole P
Justin, thanks for the clarification that helps a ton. The V8 is a great powder ski and would be an awesome ski for the deeper days in the Tetons. The V8's are very playful with a lot of energy allowing making it a blast to ski. I would recommend the V8's over the Findr 110's for powder skiing based on the merit of Voile being one of the best ski companies for powder out there. Hope this helps, you are always welcome to email us at help@skimo.co to chat about any product in more depth.
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Question from Sean
What length would you recommend for 6'2", 175lb as a primary BC touring ski in a very snowy region? Thanks.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Sean, I’d say the 181 would likely be a good option for you. Of course, personal preference does play a role: a shorter ski will be lighter, easier during kickturns, and a longer ski will offer more stability at speed and a bit more floatation.
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Cal (used product regularly)
This is a great powder ski! Surprisingly light for its size, too. If you lay a Voile V8 over the top of a similar sized Rosi Super 7 (from a couple years back), you can see that they have an almost identical outline, as well as rocker/camber profile. The V8 is like a much lower weight version of the Super 7 (at least the older one, black with orange tips). I feel that both skis are quite soft, well suited for doing powder through trees at low speeds, which suits me well.
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Question from Eric
Can you tell me the length of the camber section ("running length") of the 171 Voile Hyper V8?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Eric! Just measured and it's ~120cm from contact point to contact point.
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Model: Hyper V8

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