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Voile Hyper Charger Ski - Women

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For the powder hungry woman (or small statured male), one difficulty can be finding wide skis in appropriately short lengths. On top of that, the few skis available are too heavy to lap powder for a full day.

The Voile Women’s Hyper Charger is not a “shrink and pink” men’s ski being sold to women. In fact, it was designed specifically to fill the above-mentioned void that has existed for female skiers. No compromises were made, however, as it was built from the award-winning mold of the Women’s Super Charger. It features Voile's versatile and floaty early-rise tip that makes their skis so much fun. A medium turn radius allows variety in turn shapes but keeps things stable when dialing up the speed. Two millimeter thick edges and polyamide top sheet continue to provide the durability for which Voile is known. A special blend of Paulownia and carbon make the “Hyper” core substantially lighter without compromising performance on the descent. Head out early and lap storm snow until the sun sets!

  • Early rise tip eases turn initiation and keeps the tips floating and you gloating.
  • High density Durasurf 4001 bases hold wax and withstand abuse late into the season.
  • Paulownia and carbon core makes breaking trail more fun and saves energy for extra laps.

Update 2022/23: Voile gave this bold ski a more bold topsheet to match its... Boldness!

Lengths (cm) 154, 164
convert to ounces
1040g [154]
1210g [164]
Weight (pair) 2080g [154]
2420g [164]
Dimensions   125-99-112 [154]
133-102-118 [164]
Turn Radius   17.6m [154]
18m [164]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Voile Early Rise tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape   Rounded tip, medium radius, easy to turn
Construction   Polyamide cap
Core   Paulownia wood with carbon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder hunting in the backcountry
Notes Available in short lengths
Bottom Line For the powder-loving woman
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Alison
I want to get the Hyper Charger women's. My current backcountry skis (Solomon) are 159 cm, which is right in between the 2 lengths of hyper chargers. What would you recommend I consider in deciding going shorter or longer. I am 5'2" and 145 lbs. Thanks!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Alison,

I would go with the 164cm for an advanced or expert skier. I don't know what type of skis your Salomons are, but if these are to be a powder ski for you, you might appreciate a little more length as it will float you a little better, and the tip rocker makes them easy to turn. If you are a newer skier, you could go with the 154cm. Feel free to email us at if you're on the fence!
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Question from Lauren
I am curious how playful and easy to turn this ski is, even though it is described as a directional charging ski. For skiing in wet and heavy PNW snow, would the hypercharger, hypervector, or other (e.g., Manti, V6) be a better option?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Lauren! Although it's a ski that handles aggressive skiing and higher speed well, it does lend itself to more playful styles and is quite easy to turn, from the initiation to transitioning to the next turn. Comparing it to other listed options, the V6 is tough to beat for ease of turn, maneuverability, and playful skiing. Depending on your other priorities, the V6s could be worth a strong look. Ultimately the Hyper Chargers would make for a great choice. If you'd like to take a deeper dive into the differences, reach out to and we can chat. Thanks!
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Question from Noriko
Hi I'm deciding between hypervector and hypercharger. How do they compare each other? I have skied ultravector, which I like for their versatility with powder to ice.
Answer from jbo
Hi Noriko, they are actually quite similar in design! They are both meant to be a good balance of soft and hard snow performance. The charger is the wider version so obviously has more float, while the vector is quicker edge to edge and better on the skin track due to being the narrower version. The best one is condition dependent.
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Question from Bill
This ski does not have Hybrid Rocker. It has an early rise profile but it's not Hybrid Rocker. Voile is making two different profiles: Early Rise and Hybrid Rocker
Answer from Jeff
Thanks Bill, your are right, this ski does have the shorter Early rise tip.
Answer from Calvin E
Yes. It also seems that their Early Rise skis are a bit stiffer than the Hybrid Rocker. I like the V6 and V8 better because they are softer and better for low speed turns through trees and powder. It all depends on your purpose and style.
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Model: Women's HyperCharger

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