Height:5' 6"
Weight:155 lbs
Shoe Size:US 12.00
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year
My Skiing

back country touring tele alpine-style intermediate 45years skied mt adam favorite ski was camp muir on rainier many times in the past.

older now nothing to prove my only goal is to have fun,be safe. stay healthy to enjoy the next ski season.

My Gear

aki trab 166 (116-85-110) 7tm all mountain tele binding. boots scarpa t3

Recent Posts

i have been sized and fitted to a TLT7 27.5 could i go with this size for the PDG or would it be different? also what boot would you recommend for ski trab magico skis 171 length. i am back country tour and lift skier intermediate aggressive.
I am planning on mounting my own bindings on this ski, but I have never mounted on such exotic materials. Any suggestion on the glue to use on this ski? What about drilling in the honeycombed construction of the core? Any suggestions or information would be appreciated. Also thinking of putting inserts in to make changing bindings simpler (never done before). Thanks for the help! Lance

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