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Dynafit PDG Boot

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Dy.N.A. PDG
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PDG is short for Patrouille des Glaciers, a famous ski mountaineering race hosted by the Swiss Army. Designed for such races, the Dynafit PDG alpine touring boot could be the perfect blend of weight, price, and skiability. At just 125 grams (4.4oz) more than the Dy.N.A. EVO race boot, the PDG weighs in at only half the price. It features the same one-motion Ultra-Lock ski-walk buckle system that the Dynafit made popular on its race boots and recently on more general touring boots. Quick transitions are joined by fast descents, as you can actually ski with confidence on these lightweight boots. Changes for 2014/15 include a new liner, sole, and color.

  • New Custom Light liner shaves a few grams while wrapping your foot more evenly.
  • New blue EVO 2.0 sole blends expanded polyurethane and rubber into lightweight grip.
  • Fiberglass cuff offers surprisingly stiff support so you can drive your skis through turns.
  • A full 62 degrees of rotation in walk mode lets you take a more natural stride.
  • Ultra-Lock buckle system uses the buckle for changing modes, speeding transitions.
  • Patented Quick-Step binding inserts help your toes get locked in more easily.
  • Optional power straps add some muscle to the downhill (32g/1.1oz with screws).

Update 2016/17: The PDG gets a modest makeover with brighter colors and a beefier instep buckle. Dynafit also inserted Titantex fiber in the cuff to add a bit of stiffness and updated the liner. Net weight change is +20 grams (0.7oz) versus the amount listed.

-> ounces
815g [27]
Weight (pair) 1630g [27]
Buckles 2 w/ Ultra-Lock
Boot Sole Length 259mm [23.5/24]
269mm [24.5/25]
279mm [25.5/26]
289mm [26.5/27]
299mm [27.5/28]
309mm [28.5/29]
319mm [29.5/30]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 62°
Forward Lean(s) 15°, 18°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Grilamid shell, Grilamid & fiberglass cuff
Liner EVO race
Sole EVO race
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rando racing, speed touring
Notes Pared to only the essentials, exposed liner above cuff skirt, great price for weight.
Bottom Line Optimal blend of price and weight.
Question from Justin
I'm curious about sizing in the PDG. I have the TLT6 in size 27.5 (sole length 297mm) and they fit perfectly. Would I want the PDG in a size 27.5 (299mm)? Or would the 27's fit better (289mm)? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Justin, boot fit questions are always personal, but your best bet based on this info is the 27.5 PDG.
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Question from lance
so do you think the DYNAFIT PDG BOOT is adequate for driving ski trab magico skis 171 length through turns confidently
by a intermediate skier ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Lance, the Magico 171 pairs well with race boots like the PDG. While it's a capable ski that can be pushed with bigger boots, it's really fun with a more neutral stance and the subtle steering of a race boot. I ski it more often this way. You may consider mounting it a bit forward with the PDG depending on your usage, style, and binding choice.
Answer from lance
i have been sized and fitted to a TLT7 27.5 could i go with this size for the PDG or would it be different?

also what boot would you recommend for ski trab magico skis 171 length. i am back country tour and lift skier intermediate aggressive.
Answer from jbo
Hi lance, with no other information I would recommend the same size. Please note the PDG breaks shells differently, meaning the 27.5 is also the 28. If you have a loose fit in the TLT7 the 27.0 may work better. Please visit our boot fitter for a thorough analysis.
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Question from Justin
Thanks for the answer you just gave on the boot sole length for the 29.5/30.0 mondo size vs the 28.5/29. Are the liners also upsized about 1cm? Are they the same for the 29.5 and 30.0?
Answer from jbo
Hi Justin, yes the liners are sized appropriately for the bigger shell. They are a bit different for the half sizes, but it's not material after a mold or some skiing.
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Question from Justin
What's the boot sole length for the mondo 30.0 boots? It isn't listed. Is there a material difference between the 29.0 and the 30.0? Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Justin, thanks for pointing out the missing data. The 29.5/30 has a 319mm boot sole, which is materially (1cm) longer than the 28.5/29.
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Question from Derek
I have the TLT7 and I hate them. The buckles freeze and you can't use them, the buckle cables break, the shells break, and the crampon adapters break (yes, I've broken all that in 20 days of touring on them.) I do, however, like the "expedition liner" and was wondering if any of the TLT6 or DPG or EVO have a traditional thick liner? I live in AK and need warmer boots.

Answer from Nate
Hi Derek, thanks for reaching out. It's a bummer that you've had such bad luck with the TLT7. The PDG and EVO will have thinner, race style liners than the TLT7. There was a TLT6 Mountain that came with a thicker liner that was designed to be a bit warmer. The TLT6 was discontinued though and finding that boot may be difficult at this point. I might suggest that you consider a Scarpa F1, given that it's stock Intuition liner is quite warm.
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Question from Lubo
Hi, I would like to ask about sizing of PDGs in comparison to Scarpa Alien/Alien RS. Aliens (MP28) fits me well and Alien RS (MP29) even better. So what size should I go for with PDGs? I also would like to use insoles for my flat feet, will there be enough room or sizing up will be needed?
Thank you very much,
Answer from Nate
Hi Lubo, if the 29 in the Alien RS fits you the best, I'd suggest you go with that same size in the PDG. The PDG has more internal volume than the Alien RS so it's likely that you'll be able to use insoles in it without additional upsizing.
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Question from Teal
Hi I wear size Mondo 28 in both TLT6 and Mercury boots. They have the 28/28.5 shell size. What size would I order for the PDG? I have a low volume foot, but my street shoe size is 11.5 US. Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Teal! It depends on how the TLT6 and Mercury fit you, but combining that info with your street shoe size, I would recommend the 28.5/29 shell. One of our employees wears a 10.5 shoe and is in the 27.5/28 shell, by that theory a 28.5/29 would likely fit the best.
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Question from Ben
How does this boot compare to the DYNA evo? I currently have the older DyNA Carbon EVO with the split sole 2014 Maybe? and I was curious about how they would compare to the PDG in stiffness and sizing.


Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, sizing is the same and stiffness/skiability is likely stiffer/improved with the PDG. Any loss of stiffness from the cuff material would be counteracted by absence of a flex-zone in the forefoot and lack of slop (which has likely developed in your rivets and buckles).
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Question from Mary Metcalf
I have just purchased the Dynafit PDG boots in size 23.5. I read on a review somewhere that is was better to get them small as the liner does stretch. I think the perfect fit would have been a 24 but it was not available. I returned the 24.5 as it seemed like it might be too large. My daughter told me that I should be able to just fit my fingers behind my heel when I put my foot in the shell without the liner and I had way more room than that. The 23.5 however are a bit tight. My toe just touches the end of the insole. Should I have the liners professionally fitted, or wait and try to find a 24?
Thank you,
Answer from jbo
Hi Mary, your toe just touching the end of the liner sounds like a good length fit. Skiing or a heat mold would break that in further. We're happy to walk you through a shell fit over the phone if you'd like as well. We can send you a 24.0, but note it's not materially different than the 23.5 after break-in.
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Question from Anton S

I just wore Dynafit TLT7 size 28 and they worked incredibly well for me (perhaps a little too long, but just right width-wise and I have wide feet). What size Dynafit PDG should I get? My main concern is usually the width. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Anton, lengthwise you'd also be a 28. Width might be tight, it's a narrower boot than the TLT7 Performance. You may have to stretch or find a different model. Visit our boot fitter for a specific recommendation.
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