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Built with the same technologies as Ski Trab's Gara Aero WC race ski, the Magico is targetting those skiers who want to maximize their fun with big days. With the Attivo progressive shape, flex, and shock absorption on a wider board with a longer tip, you will find great performance and ease of handling in almost all conditions (if you can ski breakable crust well on any ski, let us know). And since the aerospace-inspired construction only weighs in at around a kilo, you will have plenty of leg left after 7000 feet of fast climbing to enjoy the magic(o).

  • Attivo progressive shape allows gradual entry into fresh snow while maintaining contact on hard snow.
  • Attivo progressive flex is softer in the tip and tail for flotation enhancement while providing stiffness where you need it.
  • Attivo shock absorber system is strung the full length of both sides of the ski giving you a smooth ride while strengthening the edges against damage.
  • The sidecut center is moved backward with a gradually increasing radius to maximize steering on icy hard pack.
  • Easy-to-use Attivo skin fix system can be attached and pulled quickly so you won't hold up the group.
  • Unique DuoTech swallow tail is flexible for smooth turns while providing stability when pointing 'em straight.
  • 14-layer construction process weaves carbon fiber around the core in a secret fashion to maximize torsional rigidity.
  • Aramid honeycomb core is a synthetic fiber used in the aerospace industry with an amazing strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Finished with a sintered base and sharpened edges for a surprisingly buttery factory tune.

Update 2017/18: Brand new topsheet, otherwise the ski remains the same.

Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
920g [157]
970g [164]
1010g [171]
1060g [178]
Weight (pair) 1840g [157]
1940g [164]
2020g [171]
2120g [178]
Sidecut   116-85-104 [157]
116-84-104 [164]
116-83-104 [171]
116-82-104 [178]
Turn Radius   17.1m [157]
17.8m [164]
18.5m [171]
20.4m [178]
Skin Fix   Attivo clips
Specs Verified All except 157
Profile   Attivo progressive flex with normal camber and center moved rearward
Shape   Attivo progressive shape, DuoTech swallow tail
Construction   14-layer Attivo process w/ HiBox carbon cage
Core   Aramid honeycomb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring in all conditions
Notes Impressively versatile with progressive flex, easy to use Attivo skin system
Bottom Line Trab's aerospace inspired race tech in an all-around touring package
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Derek Weiss
If I buy these with some Kreuzspitz bindings, can you guys mount them at your place and then ship them to AK if I give you my Dynafit boot size? If not, no big deal.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Derek! Absolutely! Totally happy to do that!
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lance (used product regularly)
Well, I put tele bindings on these. I’m very competent on doing parallels on tele gear (makes things challenging).

There is no doubt in my mind that these skis live up to every bit of their sales pitch and more. Wasn't sure about it being practical in the back country because of all of the talk about being too light, and on these skis you definitely have to be aggressive. When they start getting slapped around by ice chunks, you need to put more weight on it and let it carve and the instability goes away. It transitions well between hard and soft snow. with the 171 length ski you get plenty of flotation. on lift skiing it is very fast and light (lots of fun). I fell once because I am not used to a traditional cambered ski, but a slight adjustment on weight distribution before turn took care of that.

These skis were meant to carve once they start to carve, you are extremely stable even more than a ski that is designed to slide. I give these a 5 star rating!
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Question from lance
I have magico 2016/2017 171 length. I have tele bindings on the and am thinking of removing the tele bindings and installing AT bindings.

Considering the exotic air core construction of the ski, will I be able to do that and have it still be able to hold the new bindings securely??

I am having experts installing these bindings so they are aware of the construction of the ski, and they said I would be able to do it the second time only. (What is your opinion?)
Answer from jbo
Hi lance, we never see pullout problems with the Trabs, they have good reinforcement in the binding area. You should be fine, just follow standard guidelines for working around existing holes.
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Question from lance
I am planning on mounting my own bindings on this ski, but I have never mounted on such exotic materials. Any suggestion on the glue to use on this ski? What about drilling in the honeycombed construction of the core? Any suggestions or information would be appreciated.

Also thinking of putting inserts in to make changing bindings simpler (never done before).

Thanks for the help!

Answer from jbo
Hi Lance, any waterproof glue will suffice. A 3.8mm bit is required for drilling. Also depending on your binding and boot, we tend to recommend mounting at least 1cm forward on this ski.
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nam (downright abused product)
I recently returned from the Benedict 100, where I had the opportunity to ski the Magico with Dynafit Superlite 2 bindings for 6 days in all types of terrain. The skis were outstanding from the start-average day was 16 miles of skinning with approx 4000 vert +/-. some days more, some less. They easily handled the varied snow that is inevitable on a long tour/ski. Side hilling was made easier with a fairly narrow width underfoot, and we skied Mushroom Bowl in 20" of powder, which the Magico dominated. Sun crust, breakthrough crust, boilerplate, you name it. I am 6'3" 175 lbs. was on the 178, which felt great. If you are looking for an all around touring ski, which weighs nada, the Magico is the one.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Overall: A full Five Stars for 84mm of waist width (in a 164cm) at a weight penalty compared to a super-skinny race ski of only about half a pound per foot. Minus maybe a quarter of a star for what might be a suboptimal amount of tip rocker (even for a ski of such dimensions), but that’s about the only drawback to this otherwise almost magical design.

Background on product familiarity: Over 61,000’ vertical during the 2014-15 season in a variety of winter and spring conditions, mounted with an ISMF-prohibited combination of Dynafit Speed SL toes and Plum 165 heels, driven by a mix of the Scarpa Alien 1.0 and Dynafit DyNA EVO (both size 26). Experience with skinnier skis currently on the market includes the Hagan Cirrus, and experience with somewhat wider skis includes the Hagan Y Flow and Movement Response-X.

First, the first impressions out of the box: The tip shape and tail split look highly unconventional (designed for Trab’s very slick proprietary skin attachments, although unfortunately no tip notch for race-style bungee tip attachments). The tip geometry/camber might look highly conventional at first when placed next to significantly rockered skis. Yet up against a truly conventional ski tip for geometry/camber (e.g., my Trab Duo Sint Aero and Movement Logic-X) the Magico clearly has a modern tip geometry, just much more subtle than on a typical wider ski.

And of the course the weight – or rather lack thereof – is astonishing for the relatively ample width.

Second impressions, in use: I felt immediately comfortable on these skis across a wide range of conditions during the winter and into early spring. In particular, the Magico holds very well and is very agile without being at all hooky. In steep and deep powder the dimensions are of course far from ideal, yet they still cope admirably well. Ditto for dealing with breakable crust.

I have sometimes felt though that they were a bit short for me (at 145 lb), but I expected that, especially since my prior experience with the Trab Duo Sint Aero and Duo Freerando made me suspect that the Magico would come up a bit short: literally that is, as my 164cm measures out more like a 162cm compared to other skis. (The old Duo models in a 164cm were more like a 161cm.)

So my only theoretical suggested improvements to this ski would be to add a few more cm of length (i.e., split the difference between the 164 and 171) plus add a few more mm of tip rocker.

Third impressions, for long-term durability: I have yet to dole out any abuse to the Magico. But Trab definitely can make lightweight yet durable skis, as my old Duo Sint Aero skis have almost 800,000 earned vertical feet of use and at-times horrific abuse (plus some lift-served), with 32 holes at the heel, and somehow are still perfectly fine.
Reply from Jonathan S
Picture from a February 2015 tour from the summit of NH's Mount Washington, coping well with pretty much every type of winter snow imaginable.
(Some of it even ... good!)
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TZed (used product a few times)
I have 5 touring days on them and 1 bell to bell lift day.

Up: these are insanely light and skin like a dream. Combined with a Plum 165 binding my 171 length skis weigh 1194gr. (1002gr just the ski before mount).

Down: it took me until the lift day to get comfortable with how these ski. I find they require a very active and engaged skiing style and if I get sloppy and stop pressing the tips for a bit they quickly feel squirmy. They are very encouraging with jump turns on the steeps. Super low swing weight makes it feel like cheating and the edges are very confidence inspiring when they land. Once I put half a day on the lifts I found them able to handle anything I threw at them including chopped crud and chalky powder. I didn't find bottomless powder that day so can't comment on their use as a powder board, but general skiing and ski mountaineering with variable snow should not be an issue. These are my go to touring ski when not going out specifically expecting powder skiing.

Construction: The toe mount felt good, but when you drill the heel you are looking straight into the open honeycomb core. It was a little unnerving, but hasn't been a problem. The bases and edges came very nicely finished and felt very polished and professional. You are definitely getting your moneys worth with this ski. Bases took wax very nicely.

Possible improvements? I am not the most technically skilled skier and would rather a ski this light but that did not require so much focused intention to ski well. I expect a little rocker would improve this. Overall though I was able to adapt my skiing style to feel very confident anyway. These definitely get 5 of 5 stars for what has been accomplished with so little weight!
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