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Height:5' 6"
Weight:138 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:N/A

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i was able to... basically cram the bolts in at an angle. 3 out of 4 went in stubbornly. 4 bottomed out, then broke. not sure what the issue was. these were installed after the binding mount, so maybe the fit would have been better pre-mount? anyway. they're on there... basically. :)
hi, just got a set of these to fit my 145s. i'm having a hard time getting the holes to line up and the torx bolts won't fit as a result... have you seen this issue? any tips? thanks. (p.s. the loctite is mine.)
yessssss. it works! additional words unnecessary. thanks! #superfancy
Follow up question on my "review" above, which I mistakenly didn't submit as a question... Looking at my f1s, it looks like Scarpa just used a "picture hanger" d-ring and attached via the hex bolt on the boot. I have some of these d-rings and it looks like a simple mod. question about removing that bolt, tho... is it riveted? do you think I'd need a longer bolt to make it work? asking before I start twisting things, in case you have the info. :) Thanks.
love these. question: for the occasional resort day or race requiring them, what do you recommend for attachment point? i can make the cord work, but it’s awkward. my f1s have a d-ring. anything like that available aftermarket? i could also attach some kind of extender to a ring off the boa button, but i don’t love that idea in a fall. i guess i could extend a cord... off the cord. i’m using atk leashes. thanks!

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