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5' 6"


138 lbs

Shoe Size


Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

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just curious if the newer blue version has improved durability in the gaiter? i've been quite fond of my black and yellow pair, but have worn holes through the inner ankle area in both boots after a couple of seasons. not a deal breaker but something i'm curious about. thanks.
and it looks like yes... if i wanted to address ramp angle, which i'd probably want to do (so many grams!), can you confirm which plate i'd need for the front?
are there atk or other compatible brakes for these bindings? thanks.
i was able to... basically cram the bolts in at an angle. 3 out of 4 went in stubbornly. 4 bottomed out, then broke. not sure what the issue was. these were installed after the binding mount, so maybe the fit would have been better pre-mount? anyway. they're on there... basically. :)
hi, just got a set of these to fit my 145s. i'm having a hard time getting the holes to line up and the torx bolts won't fit as a result... have you seen this issue? any tips? thanks. (p.s. the loctite is mine.)

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