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Many modern race bindings are shipping à la carte style, meaning the bindings come bare-bones and accessories are optional. Everything you need, nothing you don’t, all up to your discretion to make those calls. Indeed, the Black Diamond Helio 110 and 145 bindings are stripped down to just the basics. Find accessories for those, or spare parts for the Helio 180 and 200 bindings here. Everything is sold in pairs unless noted otherwise.

Helio Crampon Receptors – The bolt-on crampon receptors for the Helio 110, 145, 180, and 200 series of bindings. Note these are included with the 180 and 200, but not the 110 or 145. 8 grams, including the minature screws.

Questions & Reviews

Question from J D
any idea who is selling these still?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey J D, if you need a crampon receptor, we have them listed under ATK binding parts! The BD Helio bindings are rebranded ATK bindings, so these parts are the same.
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Mine are installed on the Helio 180. I also did a test fit on the Hagan Ultra (same as Helio 110). Very solid design, both with regard to attachment to the binding toe piece and with regard to the attachment with the crampon.
I've used a pair of Helio crampons with them, but I also test fit several different pairs of Dynafit crampons, and they were all fine -- both relatively easy to insert the crampons, and fairly smooth removal.
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Question from mbillie1
Can these be installed after the toepiece has been mounted?
Answer from TSB
Hey Mark, yes they can! Just slide 'em into the back of the toe piece and put the two screws in to hold them.
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Question from mkg
hi, just got a set of these to fit my 145s. i'm having a hard time getting the holes to line up and the torx bolts won't fit as a result... have you seen this issue? any tips? thanks. (p.s. the loctite is mine.)
Answer from mkg
i was able to... basically cram the bolts in at an angle. 3 out of 4 went in stubbornly. 4 bottomed out, then broke. not sure what the issue was. these were installed after the binding mount, so maybe the fit would have been better pre-mount? anyway. they're on there... basically. :)
Answer from jbo
Hi mkg, there can be some tolerance issues with those. It's best to file the receptor a bit, usually near the corners, so you don't end up forcing and mangling the screws.
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Question from Adam C
Are these compatible with my ATK SL World cup bindings? Are the bindings the same as the BD 110?
Answer from Jeff
Adam, Yes they should work
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Question from Gavin
Will these work with Dynafit crampons?
Answer from Nate
Hi Gavin, yes, these will work with Dynafit crampons.
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