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The zombie Alien apocalypse we really wanted has arrived, and it's looking to be a good time. Updated and back from the dead, the SCARPA Alien ski boot got some renovations that improve upon the previous model. Still the prime choice for the skier who sits on the fence between skimo racing and steep and deep backcountry touring, this Alien is frighteningly light and nauseatingly powerful. With the ski/walk lever positioned in walk mode, this boot has a wider range of motion than your ankle does. While in ski mode you'll have the confidence of a much younger, more limber version of yourself. A simplified closure system lost the velcro powerband, cutting a couple of precious grams so you can fly uphill, moving so fast you'll likely be confused for (you know I'm gonna say it) an Alien.

  • Weighing in at well under a kilo per boot, the updated Alien can easily be considered a competitively weighted race boot, while also being a reliable backcountry boot. Bonkers.
  • A Boa closure system serves the bottom shell of the boot, eliminating pressure points that buckles sometimes cause in favor of the Boa's smooth and even compression.
  • Intuition Cross Fit Tour Lite liner (whata mouthful) is comfy cozy right out of the box, but can be heat molded to your foot with a prescription from the boot doctor.
  • A slightly narrower last (99mm) makes this a great choice for the narrower foot, or perhaps just a more performance oriented fit.
  • Keeping with the extraterrestrial theme, a Vibram UFO sole adorns the lower extremities of this fine piece of Italian engineering.
  • As mentioned in the description above, this boot has a wider range of motion that your ankle probably does-- 72 degrees.
  • Adjustable settings of 9 and 13 degrees of forward lean offer customization for the tinkerer and performance skier alike.
  • Browse the whole SCARPA Alien line here.

Update 2021/22 - New colors give the Alien a long awaited update, finally incorporating some "SCARPA Blue."

convert to ounces
885g [27]
922g [28]
Weight (pair) 1770g [27]
1844g [28]
Buckles   Cord and Boa
Boot Sole Length   262mm [24]
271mm [25]
279mm [26]
287mm [27]
296mm [28]
305mm [29]
313mm [30]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   72°
Forward Lean(s)   9°, 13°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon infused Grilamid lower and Grilamid FG LFT cuff
Liner   Intuition Cross Fit Tour Lite
Sole   Vibram UFO
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rando racing, speed touring
Notes Guts of the Alien 1.0 in a more affordable package
Bottom Line Best priced race-worthy boot on the market
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ryan D
Any chance of getting more sizes in this season, ie 29/30?

Answer from Tristan M
Hi Ryan,

Yes we will! Reach out to, and we can set you up for a notification that will alert you when they arrive.
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Question from Pavel M
hello ! I measured in the shop Scarpa f1lt 27.0 and Alien size 27.0. (i'm a newbie)! f1lt fit me (I haven't ridden them yet) ! And in Alien 27.0, it didn’t work to put your foot in. there were no other sizes. What size would you recommend for Alien?
Answer from Jeff
Pavel, The shell on this Alien is the same as all the other current Alien models, so you should be a size 27.0. Fitting in the 27 F1 LT is also very similar.
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Question from mkg
just curious if the newer blue version has improved durability in the gaiter? i've been quite fond of my black and yellow pair, but have worn holes through the inner ankle area in both boots after a couple of seasons. not a deal breaker but something i'm curious about. thanks.
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for reaching out, mkg. Indeed, SCARPA has improved the gaiter. While we haven't seen any long-term usage yet, the new material seems quite a bit more durable.
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Question from bcvizina
I have too many boots in the race/race+ category and I'm looking for one to rule them all.

The Scarpa Alien 1.0 (not 1.1) and La Sportiva Sytron have both been great. I preferred the Alien 1.0 for touring and the Sytron for fit and downhill performance. I wished the 1.0 had a better gaiter, and wish the Sytron was stiffer. I ski the Scarpa Maestrale for resort and any super aggressive skiing.

How does the flex of the new Alien compare to the Sytron? How close are the original 1.0 and 1.1 in terms of stiffness, specifically related to the cuff?

Should I be considering the RS? I really like having a dedicated race boot for touring, and I'm afraid I'll miss my 1.0's if the RS is softer.
Answer from jbo
Hi bcvizina, thanks for reporting your first world problem! I struggle with it as well.

The new Alien is stiffer than the Sytron, the carbon-infused grilamid lower resists spreading open and makes it a nice skiing boot.

The 1.0 and 1.1 are fairly similar driving performance yet feel different. There is no backseat in the 1.1 with the backless liner, and because of that it walks noticeably better. A few folks have put a full liner in it to push it the other direction which works pretty well.

The RS is a different category, it feels like a bigger ski boot. Very tall and powerful. I consider it my beef boot ;)
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Question from Mat
Hi, I use a Scarpa F1 in 29MP being usually a 28.5 size, and it fits a charm.. if going on this lighter sibling, do I have to stick to the 29 or should move up considering the difference in shell and fit?
Answer from Jeff
Mat, These size the same as other Scarpa boots, they just dropped the 1/2 size. The 29 here is the same 28.5/29 shell size as your F1. On the other hand, this boot is a narrow 99mm last and the F1 is a 102mm last/medium fit.
Answer from matteo p
Thanks, and I have read no great punching on grilamid, so gotta be careful on the last size.. :)
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Ethan R (used product regularly)
This is a great beginner race/speed touring boot. The adjustability of the cords and the boa make acquiring the perfect fit easy. I ski this boot with the voile wsp and they are a match made in heaven. This boot offers a lot of support, so I could imagine being able to drive a much larger ski with it. Yes, it weighs more than its all carbon counterparts, but the alien's value is unmatched.
Comment on this review:

Question from chance c

Thanks for the reply, you guys have been awesome with the nebulous world of ski boots. I am in a similar situation as Gabriele listed below, skiing the Salomon X-Alp for hurry up laps and light touring days with a rare race now and then. The Alien looks like a proper pairing.

Wondering if the Alien lower is able to be heat molded a bit. I recall the RS lower was not able to be heat molded.

Thanks for your time and energy

Answer from Zak M
Hey Chance, the Aliens lower shell is able to be punched but not fully heat moldable. Both the Alien and Alien RS liners are able to be heat molded so it really just depends on how much extra room you'd need after working on the liner. The Alien RS is a much more capable boot for the down but just a bit heavier and yes, not able to be punched nearly quite as much to gain the room you'd need like the Alien.
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Question from chance c
Question for Zack,

What did you end up going with for a boot choice and size?

I have a similar size issue with Scarpa ( 28.5 foot, currently using the Alien RS in a size 29 )
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Chance, feel free to fill out our online Boot Fitting Form and we can help brainstorm a solution!
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Question from Zack
I tried Alien and RS, both in size 29 and the RS felt painfully smaller. Had hard time getting out my left foot out of the boot. I guess that's because of the beefier liner? I have 28.5 cm feet, should I look for size 30 or stick to the 29 shell and do some molding?
Answer from Will M
Hey Zack,

Thanks for reaching out! I think the beefier liner may be the issue that you're running into with regards to the fit. Traditionally those will pack out a fair bit but just to be sure, I suggest filling out the boot fitter form!
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Question from Gabriele
Hi I'm searching for a boot to match my Salomon slab Xalp skis but I really don't know what to choose besides these alien and the alien rs! I will use them mostly for speed touring sessions up and down the ski slopes and/or for easy touring days (no steep couloir or deep snow). I will like to find a boot capable of high performance on the uphill and no holding back on various kind of downhill.

Last point: I've got a 25.5 cm feet so I guess I should choose size 26 ?
Thanks for your reply!!
Answer from Cole P
Hey Gabriele, these boots ski great and provide a great progressive flex. The RS has the carbon-infused Grilamid on them that stiffen the boot up significantly, but doesn't have the same progressive flex that you would feel on the Alien. With not much weight penalty, I would focus on how I want the boots to feel. Alien if you want to feel the flex of the boot and the RS if you want to ski hard in the front of the boot. For the sizing I would recommend size 26. If you have any more questions feel free to email us at
Answer from gabriele p
thanks again! I just sent you an email
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Question from Not Trace Leches
How’s the power on these bad boys? Wet noodle, beefcake, or somewhere in between? Thinking I might like a ski wider than 80mm at some point, but there’s not way you’ll see me in heavy boots.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question "Not Trace Leches!" The power on these is as you would expect from a race boot. You can click into a pair of bindings mounted to a wider ski with these boots, but if the conditions were less than ideal (i.e. not hero snow) the ski would probably be skiing you vs the other way around. If you after the supreme tourability of a race boot, with a little more "umph," check out the Alien RS (also from Scarpa).
Answer from Not Trace Leches
So somewhere in between, got it. How’s the fit compared to an Alien RS? How about compared to the new Alien 1.0? Looks like more or less the same lower to me. Is the shell punchable? The toe box in the Alien RS ended up being a bit too round for my square hobbit feet and it caused its fair share of issues. I punched the hell out of it but wasn’t able to get enough movement. It’s my own fault though, I thought I was being cool by wearing a size smaller than I needed in a boot that’s not technically punchable.
Answer from Brett S
It would be a safe assumption to say the fit between this and the Alien RS is extremely similar. It sports a carbon infused Grilamid lower and thus would still probably not be "technically" punchable (unless your Mike Tyson, of course).
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Question from Milan
Just wondering if the 1.0 and new alien shares the same bottom shell, only difference being the upper cuff Carbon vs Grilamid? Another words the alien 290 fits best would 1.0 be 290 as well
Answer from Jeff
Milan, The Alien 1.0 (or 1.1 as we call it) have the same shell. They also have a full liner.
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Question from Shaun Sutner
If I'm normally a 27.5, and have a foot that's on the narrower side, should I go with a 27 or 28? Thanks!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Shaun, I'd love to get a few more details before we dive in! Head over to our Boot Fitting Form and we'll continue brainstorming!
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Neil B (used product regularly)
Just getting into Skimo training and these are my favorite Ski Boots I have worn! I do a lot of running in the mountains on my Salomon S/Lab shoes (Size 9) and the Aliens (Size 27) fit my narrow feet in a similar way. I have not tested them too much on a boot pack section but feel they would perform greatly. I like the flexibility in walk mode and quick flip of the buckle into ski mode. I have tried both forward lean angles (9 and 13) and feel like I can be somewhat aggressive on the downhill with such. Lastly, the Boa and Cord system make this a simple yet effective boot to wear while touring or racing. The boots pair nicely with my Voile WSP's.
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Question from Dave
Because of the larger liner does this boot have much more ankle friction than the Scarpa Alien 1.1? I know the mobility is listed as a few degrees less (72 vs 75) but I'm more concerned about the ease of rotation.
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, yes, the 1.1 has a backless liner (it's just a tongue above the ankle) so there is no resistance to backwards articulation. With this Alien, you have to flex the liner which, while flexible, is not quite as easy to bend as essentially no liner. On the flip side, this boot will have more of a back seat!
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Question from mkg
Follow up question on my "review" above, which I mistakenly didn't submit as a question...

Looking at my f1s, it looks like Scarpa just used a "picture hanger" d-ring and attached via the hex bolt on the boot. I have some of these d-rings and it looks like a simple mod. question about removing that bolt, tho... is it riveted? do you think I'd need a longer bolt to make it work? asking before I start twisting things, in case you have the info. :)

Answer from Jeff
MKG, that will work. It is a hex bolt into a threaded T nut. As long as the connector on your D ring is very thin, it should be no problem.
Answer from mkg
yessssss. it works! additional words unnecessary. thanks! #superfancy
Answer this question:

mkg (used product regularly)
love these. question: for the occasional resort day or race requiring them, what do you recommend for attachment point? i can make the cord work, but it’s awkward. my f1s have a d-ring. anything like that available aftermarket? i could also attach some kind of extender to a ring off the boa button, but i don’t love that idea in a fall. i guess i could extend a cord... off the cord. i’m using atk leashes. thanks!
Comment on this review:

Question from Erik Graab
Teddy, you are about same body and shoe size as me, what size Alien fits you? Also, is this liner moldable?
Answer from Jeff
Erik, Both Teddy and myself wear a size 8.5/9 shoe and have a size 26 Alien RS. The whole liner is heat moldable.
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Question from Chris
How do these compare to the Alien RS?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Chris, compared to the Alien RS, this boot will have a shorter cuff height, shorter BSL, and softer flex. It will have the Alien 1.1 lower and a plastic cuff. More of an entry level race boot, whereas the Alien RS has slightly more beef for “race plus” lightweight touring.
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