Skimo Co





6' 1"


175 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

25 - 50 days / year

Recent Posts

I’ve been wanting to contribute for awhile but lacked confidence in my convictions because these skis are different than what I usually ski, and didn’t want to post anything negative because I just wasn’t used to them. But having more days I feel like they deserve more reviews. I got the 180 but they are a 178cm straight pull because the tips are cut pretty flat. This is just how Elan measures their skis. (I also have the Ripstick 96 with Shifts as my resort ski and they’re the same way, but ski way diffe...
What are these like to ski? Almost as light as the Alp Tracks 106! The narrower version is well liked but only see the 105 here, what’s your opinion on its flex and profile?
Thanks, my bad. I see it now in the drop down :)
May have missed this but is this priced per plate or per pair?
How would you characterize the flex and camber profile of this ski? With the short and flat COT I worry that the tails would be pretty stiff, demanding of technique, and harder to release. How does this ski compare to a ski like Pagoda Tour 100?

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