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Whether it's replacement parts or additional accessories, here are all the bits and pieces we have collected for your ATK bindings.

Titanium U-Springs - Pair of titanium heel forks for the SL World Cup and Revolution bindings. Also works with the Hagan Ultra, ZR, and BD Helio 110 bindings. Available in standard stiffness and "lightweight" for lighter folks.

Rolling In U-Springs - The most advanced forks on the market. Made of titanium with rollers on the end to reduce wear, ease step-in, and smooth the forward release function. Choose from standard or lightweight stiffness / skier size.

Race Flaps - These are the race flaps that let you change uphill/downhill modes on ATK race bindings (SL and Revolution). Also works with Hagan Ultra, ZR, and BD Helio 110 bindings. Sold in pairs in multiple colors.

Crampon Slot - Aluminum - For those of us who'd like an option to add some ATK or Black Diamond compatible crampons to our setup, here's a removable receptor. 8 grams per side, plus screws.

Crampon Slot - Carbon - If you need extra bite, these receptors can be added to the C-Raider. Seven grams each.

Raider Toe Shim - For our freeride category skiers who like a flatter setup, this binding specific toe shim reduces drop by 4mm on ATK Raider bindings. Includes longer screws necessary to mount. Note: Does not work with C-Raider toes.

Raider Freeride Spacers - The stomp pads that fit the Raider 10/12, C-Raider, Freeraider 14/16, DPS R14, Hagan Boost and Core Pro bindings. Towers sit on either side of the Anti-Friction plates on the brake. Not recommended for skis narrower than 95mm underfoot.

Universal Freeride Spacers - Works with any binding where the gap between the boot sole and the topsheet of the ski is between 14.5mm and 20mm. Spacer attaches directly to the ski.

Candy 5 Heel Riser - Optional heel riser for the Candy 5 binding.

Brake Seat Cover - Optional cover for any ATK binding with a rear brake (for when you want to take the brake off). Sold in pairs.

Binding Grease - ATK's original binding grease will help keep your heel tower mobile. Made from ATK's reused oil and lubricants to reduce waste.

Mounting Screw, 11mm - These are screws for mounting ATK race heel pieces (e.g. Trofeo, SL, Revolution) as well as adjustment plates. They are #3 Pozidrive heads with an ISO-standard thread pitch.

Mounting Screw, 13mm - Mounting screws for many ATK toes, such as Trofeo, Pure, Raider series.

4mm Heel Gap Spacer - A 4mm plastic spacer to help set your heel gap on ATK bindings.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Michael K
What is the advantage of the brake seat cover vs. the freeride spacer, if the latter also allows the boot to rest on the ski instead of the pins and transmit power more directly? Does the cover protect better whatever is exposed after removing the brake?
Also, can you explain how exactly the power transfer via the freeride spacer improves the preceived quality of power transmission, or the quality of the ride? The boot bottom is usually stiff, so I have a hard time imagining how it makes a difference whether power is transferred via the pins or via the sole.
Also, is the freeride spacer compatible with the brakes installed simultaneously?
Also, would the freeride spacer increase the longevity of the boot and/or the pins in the long run, as the weight rests on the spacer rather than on the pins?
Thanks for your help!
Answer from Ian C
Hi Michael, the brake seat cover is a single piece of static plastic used to fill the aperture once brakes have been removed from an ATK heel. Its purpose is to ensure snow buildup does not occur underneath your heel pins. By contrast, the freeride spacer consists of two anti-friction plates mounted on either side of your brake pad (or where your brake pad would be if you already removed the brakes). By increasing the friction-free surface area against which your boot outsole comes into contact, these spacers provide a grounded feel vs. the more static sensation caused by levitating a few mm off your ski topsheet.

To answer your other questions directly:
- It is completely plausible that freeride spacers improve the longevity of the pins or boot inserts in the long run, but I have no evidence to support this. The primary advantage is ski feel.
- The spacer and brakes can be installed simultaneously. This is the most frequent setup you will see on full-featured ATK bindings where brakes come by default.
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Question from Fisher
I have a pair of BD Helio 350 bindings - now discontinued as Black Diamond carrys them with the original ATK Raider branding

These Helio 350s certainly seem to have the exact same heel as the Raiders, will the Raider Freeride spacers work with them?

Would love to be able to test using them back and forth without drilling!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Fischer,

You are correct, the Black Diamond Helio 350 is compatible with the ATK Raider Freeride Spacer. It looks like we are currently out of stock. If you would like to be set up for a notification that will alert you when we get more, reach out to!
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Question from Chris
The description for the brake seat covers says they're sold individually, but the drop down menu says "Brake Seat Covers x2"

Which is correct?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Chris,

The Brake Seat Covers come in a pair! We have edited our listing to reflect that. Thank you for the catch!
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Question from John
Would the aluminum ATK ski crampon slot fit a BD Helio 110 binding?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, John. They most certainly will.
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Question from Trevor
Hello, can you advise the correct U spring and extra / replacement mounting screws for the ATK free raider 14? Would it be the rolling in U spring and 13mm screws from the Hagan parts page? Thanks!
Answer from Will McD
Hey Trevor, the Freeraider doesn't have a removable/replaceable heel spring. For the toe you will indeed want 4 of the 13mm screws on the Hagan Parts page and for the heel you will want 4 "15.5 Pan-headed torx screws" from the Dynafit Binding Screws page.
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John P (used product regularly)
I am using both the raider toe shims and brake seat covers on the raider 12. I love to fiddle with my gear to get exactly what I want and its awesome that ATK provides all of these parts to help me do so.

I have used b&d shims in the past but the ATK ones are milled exactly for this toe, giving a much cleaner look.

The brake seat covers work well for filling the hole created by yanking the brakes out, not much else to say there.

keep fiddling.
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Question from Duncan
Is the brake cover compatible with the Raider freeride spacer, or would it necessitate getting the universal spacer instead?
Answer from Ian C
Hey Duncan, the wings on the brake seat cover would interfere with the Raider freeride spacer. However, you could actually remove the brake, skip the brake seat cover and keep the Raider spacer, which will meet your boot heel to protect the heel piece even without the cover. Hope that helps!
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Question from R C
What's the weight difference between the brake seat cover and a Crest/Raider/Kuluar brake? I'm assuming all the brake widths are pretty similar, but say a 80~90ish for reference
Answer from Ian C
Hey R C, we just measured a 97mm Kuluar brake at 38g heavier than the brake seat cover!
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Question from Paul
Do the raider toe shims include replacement, longer screws?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Paul. The raider toe shims do come with longer screws. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Tjaard B
Does the Raider Toe shim (AL12?) fit the Crest bindings?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Tjaard. The Raider Toe shim isn't compatible with the Crest binding, however, the Classic Shims would work well. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Answer from Tjaard B
Thanks Brett, I figured it out from your pattern spreadsheet. Sorry about that.
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Question from Tom
Are the rolling U springs compatible with any of the other non-ATK bindings? Also, what release values are available in the rollers? I'm assuming they will just drop right into a pair of Helio 180's
Answer from jbo
Hi Tom, those are also compatible with the BD Helio 110 and the Hagan Ultra and ZR bindings. There is only one spring strength, typically around an 8. Sadly they don't fit in the 180s which have a longer steel spring.
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Question from Celia
Will the brake seat cover work with my ATK Crest 10 and Hagan Pure 10?
Is it $19.95 for one piece or for a pair?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Celia, thanks for the question. The brake seat cover does work for both the ATK Crest 10 and Hagan Pure 10, and yes the price we have listed is for a single brake cover so you would need to purchase two. Let us know if you have any more questions!
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Question from Robert L
Do you plan on getting any of the Raider 12/Freeraider 14 Freeride Spacers in stock this coming season?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Robert. We are expecting to get these in this season. We are hopeful they'll arrive at the later end of this month. If you wish to be notified when they come back into stock, please send us a message at Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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