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what's the difference between these skins and the Pomoca Pro S glide? (besides the price)
thanks for the info. Mine were turning on climbs in last weekend's race. Good to know what to do. Thanks for this forum!!!
have another question on these boots and a comment. comment... I really needed to slacken the angle, even with the adjustability it comes w/. I found that the extreme fwd angle made it really hard for me to ski aggressively and get any kind of recovery on the dh. So PG does sell a shorter (5mm) rear lever to change the angle. Hoping this is enough to make a difference. question... what kind of cord is used on the outer lever lock? PG does sell a replacement and the boots come with 1 replacement se...
200g lighter than TLT6, much better than TLT6 without the tongue (which I never used), I will say though that the TLT6 has more articulation/ankle freedom for the uphill
I know this post is older, but the comment, "Fortunately PG sells an attachment block further offset by 2mm, which translated into a 2cm difference in knee position (perfectly matching the more upright of the EVO’s two positions)." can't seem to find anything like this on PG website. thoughts?

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