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Pomoca Climb 2.0 Per CM


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Less slippery than its banana-peel yellow appearance, the Pomoca Climb 2.0 skin material is a solid choice in all conditions. It’s particularly noted for its packability and light weight. We have found this material ideal for expedition use and situations where low weight must be paired with durability and reliable grip. It’s also suitable for skiers who are making the transition away from heavy, slow nylon skin material of yester-year. This great Climb 2.0 plush is now available by the centimeter on the roll so that you can attach your favorite hardware or make a race-style skin for your touring skis with Pomoca Race Tips.

  • 70% Mohair / 30% Nylon mix provides reliable grip in all conditions.
  • Safer Skin Light backing formula is thin yet waterproof and tear-resistant.
  • Ever Dry 2.0 treatment repels water, ensuring the skin starts and finishes light.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Mimi
Where can I recycle my climbing skins
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Mimi, thanks for reaching out! I appreciate your commitment to the environment, and there are a few companies that will repurpose the skin material into other products.
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Question from Jeff
Can this product be trimmed to match my skis sidecut?
Answer from Jeff
Jeff, Yes this skin can be trimmed to fit your ski. We have skin parts here Pomoca Skin parts. Other brand parts can be used too.
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Question from Herman Meyer
if i buy these will i have to trim it and add a tip and tail piece to have it hold onto the ski?
Answer from Cole P
Herman, you are correct. These skins come on the roll and we cut the desired length. The tip and tail connectors are sold separately.
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Question from Steve
Climb 2.0, Pro S Glide, etc. Are these fundamentally the same skin material placed in the shallow channels of the kick zones of 'skin skis' like Fischer twin skins, Rossignol R-skins, etc.? If so, buying this in "bulk" and cutting pieces to size would be a real money saver in replacing skins on these skis. Would one of these be recommended for this purpose or am I missing something here? Thanks in advance.
Answer from TSB
Hey Steve! The short answer is "yes and no." Major skin-ski manufacturers in the nordic world are using skins manufactured by Pomoca, Colltex, Kohla, etc., but the factory installation/pressing-in of the skin material is more durable than an aftermarket substitution could be. If you are going for a skin-ski option, we'd recommend the Race Pro 2.0 for maximum speed. For more info consult your local nordic race shop!
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Question from HILARY A
Is this material sticky on the backside so that it will glue to a ski ?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hello Hilary, that's correct, the reusable glue is for sticking the skins on the ski's base for going uphill!
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Question from Steve S
what's the difference between these skins and the Pomoca Pro S glide? (besides the price)
Answer from Teddy Young
This skin material is just a little bit lighter and doesn't have that S-Glide plush treatment!
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Model: Climb 2.0

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