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Dynafit TLT7 Performance Boot

Brand: Dynafit
Model: TLT 7 Performance
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The legendary TLT has earned a higher number. While it’s a mathematical axiom that 7 > 6, in terms of weight the opposite is true. Dynafit moved away from the removable tongue system towards a streamlined design that sheds a couple hundred grams per boot. They also further enhanced the uphill efficiency by moving the toe fittings closer to the ball of your foot (the natural pivot point). The result is a simpler A/T boot that skis well and flies uphill. The legend continues.

  • UltraLock 3.0 combines both buckles and the ski/walk mode switch for lightning fast transitions.
  • Titantex fiber cuff is a titanium-infused glass that takes makes an affordable top-end boot.
  • MasterStep fittings make step-in even easier and are more securely integrated into the shell.
  • Lower closure is wired to an inner switch on the upper buckle and won’t pop open while booting.
  • Speed Nose* is a shorter toe box that makes each stride even more efficient while skinning.
  • Titantex lambda frame stiffens the cuff relative to the lower shell, as an angled support wing.
  • Snow-dynamic design is streamlined to slide through powder and avoid lateral obstructions.
  • Grilamid® lower shell is still the best combination of weight and rigidity, and can be punched.
  • Custom Light liner is flexible on the ascent and can be heat molded to your foot shape.
  • Comes with an option quick-release power strap to make the boot more responsive.

* Note: The nose eliminates the traditional toe bail so a special adapter is needed for automatic crampons.

-> ounces
1011g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2022g [27.5]
Buckles Two-in-one
Boot Sole Length 273mm [25/25.5]
283mm [26/26.5]
293mm [27/27.5]
303mm [28/28.5]
313mm [29/29.5]
323mm [30/30.5]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 60°
Forward Lean(s) 15°, 18°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Grilamid shell, Titantex cuff
Liner Custom Light
Sole Formula Pomoca Climb
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring, mountaineering
Notes New Master Step inserts for easier entry
Bottom Line One-kilo holy grail
Question from BJT

I've heard this boot may have compatibility issues with some tech bindings - do you know if it will work with the G3 Ion 12 and the La Sportiva RT?

Answer from jbo
Hi BJT, no problem with those! The sevens work with just about everything except for some Fritschi bindings.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey BJT! The TLT7 has compatibility issues with a few bindings, but almost all of them are the burlier bindings like the Fritschi Tecton/Vipec, etc. The rest of the lighter tech bindings like the RT and ION 12 shouldn't have any issues though! Just to be sure I tested the TLT7 Performance in the ION 12 and couldn't find any issues and same with the Hagan Core, which has a very similar toe piece to the RT.
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Question from Anders
Hi, I have been thinking about getting these boots. 27.5 are great but too short. On the other hand, 28.5 feel quite sloppy. How much is it possible to punch of the shell lengthwise if I would get the smaller pair?
Answer from jbo
Hi Anders, depending on your shell fit, the 'too short' boot might be taken care of with a liner mold. If not, it is possible (and not too hard) to punch the shell a bit lengthwise.
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Question from Jeremy G
The widest part of my foot is roughly around the "Y" in the dynafit logo on the outside of the right boot. After a few hours in the boot this gets squeezed pretty good. Do you think I could successfully punch this out, being below the Lamda frame? Thanks.
Answer from Trace Leches
Good eye. The Carbon Y Frame extends a bit beyond the actual carbon panel displayed on the boot, so there's even less room than it looks like you have to work with, but we have successfully punched below it before. If you end up getting the Powertrack liner, you may have to go through a less-than-pleasant heat molding process with foam on the part of your foot that you mentioned to get the excessive pressure to go away before it becomes an issue. Time will tell!
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Question from Jeremy G
I skied a pair of these last year and overall am pretty happy. They fit pretty well in the length and width but are a bit too high volume. I was thinking of replacing the liners this season with something a tad thicker, stiffer and taller. Any recommendations?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jeremy, thanks for reaching out! Glad you like the boots! The Intuition Pro Tour would definitely suck up the most volume. It also would offer some extra height and stiffness (most notably in the tongue). That being said, there'd be a direct tradeoff between the walking performance and descending "upgrade" you'd experience. Maybe a more appropriate liner choice though would be the Palau Powertrack 10 liner. It's designed around slightly heavier boots (think Scarpa Maestrale, Sportiva Spectre, etc) but it walks well enough that it's definitely a suitable replacement for a lighter boot like this, particularly if you are experiencing volume issues.
Answer from Jeremy G
Thanks for the reply Mr. Leches. I was thinking about the powertrack liners, thanks for the advice. One more question then: sizing. I've got the TLT7s in 28.5. Which size Palau's should I get? And also, when heat molded, should they compress enough in the tight spots and expand enough in the loose spots? I don't have much extra space in the length or width of the boot; I'm mostly trying to suck up volume around the ankle, lower leg and on top of my instep. Thanks again.
Answer from Trace Leches
The Powertrack 10 comes in a 28.5, so I'd just go for that. You got it, the liners will expand a bit (effectively lowering the overall volume of the boot) and then compress around your foot during the heat molding process, which is where the custom fitting magic happens. Length or width in the liners is less of an issue to take care of than the other areas you mentioned, so I think it'll all work out eventually, but it may take a liner mold plus a generous amount of skiing (my Palau liners took a heat mold plus 20 days to really break in). Looks like you're obligated to 20+ more days of skiing now! ;) The height over your instep could also be solved with a boot board under your liner, but that has a lot more potential to mess with the fit in a negative way than replacing the liner does, so let's start with the liner and we can go from there.
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Question from John
Hi, Are these boots compatible with the Marker Kingpin Bindings?
Thank you.
Answer from jbo
Hi John, unfortunately not, sorry.
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Question from Darren
How do the half sizes work on these? For example is the shell for 27 and 27.5 the same with different liner or is it true half sizes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Darren, yes the 27 and 27.5 are the same shell with just a slight liner/insole difference.
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Question from Steve S
does the boot come with the crampon adapter, if not does skimo carry it?
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, the adapter is sold separately. We'll be carrying it as soon as it's available, which shouldn't be too far off.
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Question from nicholas j
How would these boots do with a wailer 112 with the tour 1 layup?
Answer from jbo
Hi Nicholas, they are a decent match. Neither has top-end freeride performance but they sure are a lot of fun touring.
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Question from Bnb
Hi, is the color black/yellow or silver yellow?
Answer from Nate
The color of this boot is silver and yellow. The stock imagery did not capture the true color well. Here's a photo of this boot on the Skimo.Co retail wall...
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Question from HP1
Are these, or any boot in this class, big enough to ski the Dynafit Meteorite?
Answer from jbo
Hi HP1, it depends on your skiing style. You can certainly do balanced skiing from the ankle, but you likely won't be able to drive it off the front of the TLT7. Send us an e-mail for a personal review.
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