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Leo S




6' 0"


180 lbs

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Type II - Moderate

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Heel fit was notably better in the stock liner. Those liners have some kind of extra padding around the achilles which seems to take up volume. You can see it just looking down into the liner. The Patriot sleeves sound promising. Should I affix those before heat molding?
Got the Intuition liners yesterday. Thanks Carlos! They fit in the boot well. Slight concern about the fit on my foot--it's a little tight in the calf, but not at all tight on the foot. I assume heat molding would fix the calf problem. Would you recommend I heat mold only the calf and leave the foot as is? Anything you would recommend to take up a little volume around the foot (particularly around the heel)?
Agree I've gone past the life expectancy of this liner, but it was feeling sloppy after half a season / 15 days. I'd like my next liner to hold a good fit longer if possible, even if that means a tighter fit initially. Would you expect the Palau Tour Lite Evo MV or the Intuition Tour Tongue to hold up better? Which size should I order for my 27.5 boot? Thanks!
I have the 2021 Backland Carbon. The liner fit great initially, but started to feel sloppy before the year was out (maybe 20-30k feet of climbing) and I put in the factory-supplied shim. By the third year (maybe 140k total), I'm up to THREE shims and the liner is falling apart... Not super impressed with the durability of this liner. Can I source a different liner for this boot? What would you recommend? I'd like something more durable and more stiff, but still good for touring (this boot is dedicated for ...
I have 100 days on my F1's (Teal/Orange model ca 2017) and while I love the weight, performance, and comfort, I am not impressed with the durability. The main velcro straps disintegrated at around 50 days. What's worse, between the ankle hinge and the walk mode lever, there is now a LOT of fore-aft play in these boots. That's been a gradual degradation but I would say it was unacceptable after around 50 days as well. At this point I think a new boot is necessary for safety. Is this common? Have any durabi...

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