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The F1 is back! This time with a standard ski/walk mode switch. When the first edition of this boot was recalled due to over-innovation, we had a hard time getting all the boots back from customers (in fact some still have them). That’s because the F1 walks and skis so well that folks were willing to deal with an occasional hiccup in the Tronic hands-free mode switch.

With the new version, you can now have the ski boot you want with reliable transitions at the flip of a lever. Kudos to SCARPA for pushing the boundaries with the F1 Evo, and an even bigger kudos for boldly issuing a recall at the first sign of a quality problem. You can be sure you’re getting a good product with a company that behaves like that.

The F1 is lightweight ski touring boot, with full coverage plastic and comfy Intuition liners. The designers borrowed Alien technology by inserting carbon fiber into the lower shell in a splayed pattern that transfers power directly from your leg to the ski. The boot is topped off with a BOA system that cinches a generous 102mm last for just the right forefoot fit.

  • Carbon Core Tech is fiber reinforced nylon that makes the lower shell more rigid.
  • Fast Buckle works in conjunction with a burly Velcro strap for simple and secure cuff.
  • Alien style Boa® lacing system in the lower shell lets you dial in the perfect fit.
  • SCARPA Intuition® liners (221g [27]) are heat moldable and preloaded with flex zones.
  • Evo tongue is designed to flex with your leg and can be topped up with a power strap (+26g).
  • UFO EVO soles are the latest in durable grip from the Vibram® family of overachievers.
  • 62 degree range of motion is what your ankles would demand if they could talk.
  • Dynafit Quick Insert fittings help make stepping into tech bindings a treat.
  • Two forward lean settings let you tune your stance to match your style.

Update for 2018/19: The iconic Scarpa F1 is still ahead of its time but in order to keep everyone happy with shiny new boots, a new paint job was brought to the table along with some Recco hardware in the power strap.

-> ounces
1248g [27]
1316g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2496g [27]
2632g [27.5]
Buckles 1 + boa
Boot Sole Length 280mm [24.5/25]
289mm [25.5/26]
297mm [26.5/27]
305mm [27.5/28]
314mm [28.5/29]
322mm [29.5/30]
330mm [30.5/31]
Binding Compatibility Tech only
Cuff Rotation 62°
Forward Lean(s) 20°, 22°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Carbon infused nylon shell w/ Pebax tongue
Liner Intuition Pro Flex Evo
Sole Vibram UFO Evo
Skimo Co Says
Usage Light & fast touring
Notes Classic ski/walk mode mechanism
Bottom Line Alien-infused touring
Question from Craig Copelin
Thank you so much for offering this question answering forum.

I am going to be doing the Grand Traverse this year in Colorado and need a lighter boot. My intent is to purchase a boot that will work for the Grand Traverse and also serve as a backcountry boot for longer hut approaches and powder skiing once at the hut. I currently have Maestral RS’s from 2014 in size 29.5 which I had to have punched out in the toe box for my foot width, otherwise they have been perfect.

Here is the question, I heard the Alien RS cannot be punched and would be a poor choice for my foot. Instead should I consider this boot (the F1)?

Thank you in advance.
Answer from TSB
Hey Craig, thanks for reaching out! The F1 might be a great choice for your foot and for your Elk Mountain-traversing ambitions, but there are many boots that we might recommend in the lighter-weight, more race-focused category. Give us a shout at help@skimo.co or fill out our Online Boot Fitter to get started!
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Question from G.K.
Hey folks - I'm jumping into the true skimo world for the first time. I am a lifelong tele skier, have never stepped into an alpine binding. Did the Gothic Mtn Tour last year on a 77mm tele setup and it was super painful. Doing the Grand Traverse this year and looking for something a bit more conducive to the event.

My question - I have been in 27.5 Scarpa T-Race boots for a long time. It is definitely a 'performance' shell fit. How do the sizing of these compare to a Scarpa 75mm tele boot shell? I would just be using these for long tour and some technical alpine mountaineering objectives. For perspective, I a 44.5 EU shoe size. Thanks in advance for any insight you may have!
Answer from TSB
Greetings GK! Welcome to the Rando Liberation Front: our heels may be imprisoned, but our tours are unbound! While the Scarpa boot lasts remain reasonably similar across all of their alpine and telemark offerings, the older Terminator and T-series shells were notably wider through the midfoot than an F1. You may find that the fit is perfect in a 27.5 F1, or you may find that you need to go up 1/2 to 1 size. Also consider boots from Scarpa that are a bit more race-oriented, such as the Alien RS. Drop us a line at help@skimo.co to go deeper into options!
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Question from Brian
If I ski 26.5 Atomic Hawx Ultra XTDs and find them to fit fairly well, if slightly loose, on me, will the 26.5/27 shell be too big with the F1s?
Answer from Jeff M
Brian, have you had any molding to the shell done on the Hawk's? If they are a bit loose on you, the F1 could be looser. They have a wider forefoot/last then the Hawk. If you want to get into it deeper, please fill out our boot finder
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Question from Rick E
Hello! Wondering: what is a recommended ski width for this boot or would it drive a Voile HyperV6? AND.. how much downhill performance would I gain w/ the Maestrale RS? Thanks in advance!
Answer from Jeff M
Rick, Awesome question. The F1 is pretty powerful boot in the touring category, you could easily drive a V8 in powder. For backcountry skiing the F1 has plenty of performance in most backcountry conditions. On a V6 in powder you would not gain much with the Maestrale. Note, the V6 is a soft powder loving ski. If you were on a beefier ski and looking for a boot to use in and out of resorts, then the Maestrale would would be something to look into.
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Question from Paul S
I've been skiing in the Fischer Travers Carbon 27.5 but need to replace with a new pair of boots. I loved the way the Fischers fit my feet and it seems like these are fairly similar. I'm wondering what size F1 would be comparable to the 27.5 Fischer? (forever mystified by the SCARPA half-shell break...)
Answer from
Hey Paul, the F1 is definitely a great boot with comparable fit. The Traverse does have a larger degree of cuff rotation and a bit lighter. If the Traverse fits great I would consider buying another pair, but if you did decide on the F1's you would want the 27.5.
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Question from Eric
I skied these boots last year and plan on keeping them this year, but there's more space than I'd like through the cuff. I've seen that there's a spoiler available for this boot--can that be used to reduce the volume in the cuff, and if so, do you sell it?
Answer from Jeff M
Thanks Eric!! That could help some, but this Intuition's liner cuff is already pretty thick and reinforced, that I don't think it will do a lot. Also, I looked at Scarpa's parts and didn't find one. Your best bet may be attaching a piece of dense foam around the liner. Maybe around midway from the ankle to the top of boot.
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Question from jimbo
How does the warmth compare to the Maestrale? Looking for a boot that can handle winter cascades temps (-10 F or so).
Answer from Jeff M
Jimbo, It should be almost as warm as the Maestrale. It has an Intuition liner nearly as thick. You can add a Boot Glove if it gets cold.
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Question from Matt
I slipped while kick turning on a steep climb and the Boa knob (on the Scarpa F1 boot of the ski that slipped) snagged something like a pole or ski tail and it snapped out of its socket. I was able to pop it back in and keep in set by tightening the Boa cable. If the cable is loose, however, the Boa knob will fall out of it socket. Is this something readily repaired at home? Thanks, Matt
Answer from Jeff M
Matt, You can contact Scarpa or Boa for that part.
Answer from Matt
Thank you, Jeff, for your prompt reply. Matt
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Question from Conor
I love these boots in almost every single way, just one minor gripe regarding extra space above my instep. Does anyone have a recommendation for an insole or something that would help fill that space without hindering the boots otherwise immense comfort? Thanks!
Answer from Jeff M
Conor, are you using any aftermarket footbed? Adding a footbed generally increases comfort and ski performance. It doesn't sound like you need a custom footbed. Superfeet makes 3 thicknesses- Green (the thickest) , Blue and Carbon. Depending on how much volume you need to take up.
Answer from Conor P
I haven't made any adjustments to the boot sole or shell, so it sounds like Superfeet Green is the way to go. Thanks Jeff.
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Question from Coyne
Do you guys recommend using a LV or MV intuition protour for a replacement liner?
Answer from Nate
Hi Coyne, the MV liner is a little bit thicker than the stock liner, where as the LV is a little thinner. If you were happy with the fit out of the box, I would go with the MV. If you needed a little more room, I would suggest the LV.
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Question from Jeff Richards
Hey guys. Im currently in the TLT7 mountain and am looking for something with just a touch (or ya know, a noticeable amount) more stiffness. Would this be a solid option in your opinions. I like my TLT's but they have a harder time with slightly bigger skis and I see people skiing fairly fat skis on this guy all the time. Also, how would you compare it with the Alien RS?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jeff! TLT7 Mountain? Not sure they've ever made a TLT7 Mounta. At any rate, this would be better than a TLT6M or TLT7 on the way down. The cuff is taller and they are stiffer all around than any generation of TLT boot. It's a much beefier boot than the Alien RS and if your concern is performance on bigger skis, the F1 is still the way to go. The Alien RS is an amazing boot, one of my favorites, but for the most part it belongs on the same skis that the TLT6/7 will feel comfortable on.
Answer from Jeff R
Haha thank you, clearly Ive been looking too much at the TLT6's. I mean tlt7 expedition but that is not what I typed out. Appreciate the info. Definitely going to look further at these bad boys.
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Question from thomas h
I have had these for a few seasons now. Looking to get a new boot that is similar in weight, maybe a little less and just as good of a boot. I will primarily use them as my daily driver and ski the Movement Alp Track 106's with them. Any suggestions?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Thomas! The Fischer Travers Carbon is fairly similar in fit, but has more than enough power to drive the AT106. Fill out our boot fitter and we'll be able to get back to you with a more in depth boot recommendation.
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Question from Jon
Looking to replace my old Vulcans for this season and decided I wanted something a little more tour-friendly. I am a 28.5 in the Vulcan - Any thoughts on if I would be best in a 27.5 or 28.5 for the F1?
Answer from Teddy Young
My knee-jerk is to say go with the 28.5 F1, but to have a much clearer idea, I'd really recommend filling out our boot fitter form and we can go from there!
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Question from Al-
Where is the Recco hardware located on the boot for 2018/19,
top power strap (removable) or burly Velcro strap (non removable)?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Al! It's in the non-removable power strap (the lower one).
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Question from Michael M
3 forward lean settings? Did they change this around?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Michael, oh dang, good catch. That's a typo on our part and I'll correct it right now, but it looks like there are only two forward lean settings and it's adjusted by the eccentric bracket bolted onto the lower shell where the ski/walk lever locks into place.
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Question from Ben
Any changes for the F1 this year other than cosmetic? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ben! There are a few small changes (most noticeably the Recco in the strap) but the fit didn't change and skiing/walking performance didn't change either.
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Question from liming z
I am still not be able to decide witch one should I take : the Scarpa F1 or the new Dynafit speedfit boot. need your opinion on which one can drive harder in back country and some time in resort as well, and another question is how these boot going along with tech crampon? I am using Petzl Lynx for water fall ice climbing, but some times approach with my touring ski and I don't want to carry two boots.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Liming! For everyday use, abuse, and charging in the backcountry as well as occasionally in the resort I think the F1 is the better choice there. The Speedfit walks a touch better than the F1 but I don't think the Speedfit has that extra powerband to drive huge skis like the F1 does. Lynx compatibility with the F1 or Speedfit should be fine either way.
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by Andy (downright abused product)
I bought these after I wore out the liners (and had trouble finding a replacment--finally ordedred Tourlites from Palau in France) and busted a rivet (eventually replaced) on my TLT6M. Fit is slightly tighter than the TLT6, more roomy in the forefoot than the TLT5--fine for me. I prefer the Boa over the single buckle on the TLT6--easily to adjust finely for striding and for skiing down; gives a more secure feeling along the forefoot--more of a feeling than an effect tho. Likewise I like the finely adjustable cuff/stap buckle, very nice. I also prefer the external lean lock compared to the lock on the TLT6 (I do use the mylar tubing on occasion to keep the TLT6 tight w/o lean locking). It is about 1 lb heavier than my stripped down TLT6. I removed the power strap and threw it away and put the attachment things on Booster straps which I carry in my pack (I have intermediate Booster straps for my TLT6 and for my F1s and expert Booster straps for my Mercuries and Dalbello Panterra 120s). The ramp angle seems to be significantly less than in my TLT6, resulting in some backseat driving until I adjust the binding delta. Both boots walk and climb fine.
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Question from Wes
I have the Maestrale (in 29.5) and I think you convinced me to stay with the same size in the f1. However I have heard that I may have troubles using my skis interchangeably between the two boots. Is this something I should be concerned about? How much variation is in the shell length between the two boots?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Wes! Yes, absolutely. Maintaining a proper heel gap is critical to a properly functioning binding. Assuming a 29.5/30.0 shell in both the F1 and Maestrale 2.0 (latest edition that we carry here) and taking into account the offset toe fittings in the F1, the functional difference in length is 15mm, which is easily enough to necessitate some adjustment. That being said, there is a chance your binding has enough boot sole adjustment built-in and all it would take is a Torx or socket wrench to get it adjusted properly.
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Question from Ron Cassiani
what is the last size?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ron! Should be 102mm!
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