Skimo Co





5' 10"


165 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.25

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:

10 - 24 days / year


My Skiing

The only interesting thing I do these days seems to be long speed traverses. Since I'm not quite the fastest I instead try to pick things that people haven't done as a speed traverses before. Also then I see new places.

My Gear

Telemark. Have skis with duckbill, tele-tech, and NNN-BC bindings.

Recent Posts

Looking for a new skimo-weight/dimensions pair of skis after finally breaking my old (and *very* well used) WSP skis in half this weekend. I like the dimensions of these skis - having a bit less sidecut is good on the uphill, makes skating more efficient, and I'm going to have fun on the downhill anyway. They look the same as my old WSPs; most everything else has way more shape these days. Are the dimensions the only thing that makes them "vertical"? Or are they also less durable? I also ski tele, which ma...
I am considering these for telemark... but they are getting pretty light. Any thoughts on whether or not I'll just rip out a big hole where the binding used to be? Is there a mounting-plate area?
I recently outfitted my fast and light setup with a pair of these skins, my first venture into skins designed for glide rather than maximum grip or durability. I thought I'd wait until I had a chance to really asses the damage before posting a quick review. I was initially quite excited about them. The glue was (is?) amazing - I had difficulty removing it from the release sheets, without leaving chunks of release sheet stuck to the skins, and on a short test trip they gripped the bases just as well yet did...

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